My Mental Playlist for the Last Week

I’ve had some music stuck in my head this week, which is kind of unusual for me. So I thought I would share. Maybe sharing will help get it out of my head. Or maybe it will help get it stuck in your head, so at least I won’t be alone!

If it weren’t for Big Mama, I would never know about the important stuff going on in our world. Stuff like this video:

Of course, I’m so out-of-touch with current music that I had to find the original song for a comparison, and now I can’t get it out of my head. What can I say, the stringed accompaniment is very catchy and uplifting.

I’m hoping that, by watching the Cookie Monster video a few hundred times with my kids, I’ll be able to replace the lyrics in my head so that they’re about cookies and not love at first sight.

Because cookies are much more important for my lifestage.

But before that one got stuck in my head, I had a song from camp residing there. Every year when I write the curriculum, one song always seems to fit perfectly with the theme and wiggles its way into one of the lessons. Typically, it’s something pretty current and “cutting edge,” like something from Chris Tomlin or David Crowder Band. This year, we were kickin’ it old school with some Avalon:

Can I get an amen???

To round out the music for the week, thanks to Lauren’s cutting edge online couponing, I ended up with some Amazon MP3 credits that HAD TO BE SPENT. Not sure what else to do with them, I ended up “buying” the suite from Downton Abbey and “The Game is On” from Sherlock…with the sole purpose of using them as ringtones on my phone.

And that is quite possibly the nerdiest thing I have ever done.

But I did serve a short stint as a cricket doctor in second grade, so I guess that’s debatable.


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