Ava had her swimming lessons over the last two weeks.

She loved it and went from being scared of the water to comfortable in the water!

The thing was, my boys had to sit there in the heat and LOOK at this pool while Ava had her lessons!

To make matters worse, for 2 days Harlie was in the hospital and we had Josh’s sisters. So I had 5 hot kids sitting and looking at a pool that they weren’t allowed to play in.

So what did we do?

There was coloring…

…and Candy Land…

…and a Busy Bible.

I simply couldn’t afford to take the kids to the Activity Pool every day. But, TODAY. Today was the last day of swimming lessons. So we invited the Millers and Morgan to join us, and we hit the water we had been googling over for two weeks.

I love this picture. There was no technique to it, just the luck of the draw with the point and shoot!

Izzy is my little fish. I was afraid that he wouldn’t have fun. He spent the whole time on the water slide!


Egan spent the majority of the time running around on the deck. With me chasing him.

I think a day at the ahhhmazing city pool needs to become an annual tradition!


One thought on “Poolside

  1. Fun! That would be torturous watching other kids swim and sitting in the hot sun! Looks like you brought plenty to do. 😉 I think when my kids get a little older I will buy a membership to the Y just for the pool in the summer.

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