Official Family Pictures!

OK, so my mind is now on our new school year and adjusting to our new schedule and getting organized and MY WORD, will I ever get my house clean?!

But I have to make one more shout-out to our trip to Tennessee.

When we went to Townsend two years ago, I had the great idea to find and hire an affordable freelance photographer to take pictures of the fam in Cades Cove.

Why Cades Cove? Well, let’s just say that God makes the most beautiful backdrops.

The problem was, I didn’t have the idea until we had about two days left on our trip, which most certainly did not allow time for scheduling a shoot.

This time, I was much more prepared. I started researching (thank goodness for the internets!) about a month before our trip. I quickly found Julie, a previous child therapist with an IT husband who turned to photography when she became a stay-at-home mom.

Sound eerily familiar?

(No, I was never a therapist. But if you’ll remember, my degree was in counseling, and I COULD have been a therapist if I had gone to school for 27 more years!)

I was really proud of myself for actually doing some advanced planning instead of just wishing that I had thought to do it. Then I realized that a photo shoot on vacation meant that I had to make room in my luggage for my hot rollers. At which point I might have had a small crisis of belief.

Julie was a great match for us. She was super accommodating (remember the rescheduling due to rain?), her price was very reasonable, she was great with the kids, and was a good balance of using her own ideas while still giving me plenty of wiggle room for poses. Oh, and the pictures came out gorgeous. Which, I guess is the most important part of all . I would recommend Julie for anyone living in or visiting near Knoxville or the Great Smokies.

OK, commercial break is over, now on to my favorite pictures! (And, yes, I realize that the majority of you have seen these in the album Josh put up on facebook. But there are about 2 people who haven’t seen them yet.)

OK, I’m not kidding, this time. ONWARD!

Why yes, Izzy developed a sty just for the pictures! The good news is, the bruise under his OTHER eye from when he fell down the stares is not really showing.

If this one (above) does not make my parents’ Christmas card, I don’t know what will!

Overcompensate for my lack-o-engagement photos? Indeed, I think I will!


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