It Actually Did Happen, and I Actually Took Pictures.

The first day of school, that is!

I saw so many cute pics on facebook of kids and their backpacks on the various first days of school that my friends around the country had. Me? I took pictures of the kids…and I’m downloading them over a week later.

I’m just trying to spread out the Back-to-School Joy. You know, I’d like freshly sharpened pencils and scuff-free tennis shoes all year round.

So, unfortunately for my pictures, Izzy and Ava did not actually have the same first day of school. Izzy’s preschool started a week before Ava’s school started, and he only goes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and she started on a Monday, so it was just not meant to be.

Here is Izzy on his first day of preschool!

Izzy is now the second Linker to attend Little Lambs. I was sad that we could not get him in the class that Ava was in her 3 year old year, but his teacher seems great, and Jack is in his class, which is a definite plus! I think he likes school just fine (I was told that he adjusted to it a lot more easily than Ava did!) but he will always let me know that he’d rather be with me.

Don’t tell me that breastfeeding’s not bonding.

(I know, it’s a personality thing, but I couldn’t resist!)

Ava was jealous when Izzy got a picture for his first day of school, and I assured her that she would probably get many pictures on her first day of kindergarten. And here they are!

Ava goes to the little public school that is right around the corner from us. Although everyone I talk to says that, “It is a good school,” I was still nervous about it because I did not actually know anyone who works there OR attends there. However, so far, so good! Ava loves pretty much everything about it – including the cafeteria food!

Yes, this is our third year using this backpack! Think I’ll be able to get away with a fourth???

I am hoping that having her there will help us develop some relationships in the community. Other than our kids attending VBS at a church nearby, we haven’t really done that much where we live – we always end up driving back to our old community to do things.

I had her take some backpack-free pictures because we had a little shopping date to pick out this outfit and she usually gets to pick out new clothes…well, never!

So far, the biggest adjustment for the family has been our schedules. For the past 4 years, The Official Linker Nap Time has been from 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM. (And it was not unusual to extend to 5:00!) Ava has to be picked up from school at 2:50 (and a bus won’t bring her home because she lives too close to the school for that!) On Izzy’s non-preschool days, I’ve been trying to feed the kids lunch at 12:00 so that naps can start at 12:30 and they can get a good 2 hours of sleep if they need it. However, when Izzy’s in preschool, we pick him up at 1:00. So nap time has pretty much been cut in half, and it’s significantly earlier, so we’re all pretty pooped by the end of the day!

Ava will start bringing home homework next week, and her ballet classes will start the week after that, so there will be some more adjusting to occur!

I definitely have a lot that needs to get organized if I’m going to make it through the school year! I’m trying to work up the courage to put some pics on the blog of certain places in my house that are in serious need of organization. It’s pretty embarrassing. With both Izzy and Ava bringing home homework and work they’ve already done and forms and such, I have GOT to find a way to keep everything straight!

I am currently working on Ava’s room. Ava stopped sleeping in her room a month or so ago because she saw a couple spiders in there. (I know, I know…but you have to choose your battles!) Since she wasn’t sleeping in there, it just became a collection of the kids’ junk, and turned into a hazmat facility pretty quickly. We decided that we were going to force her back into her room so that the boys can sleep later on mornings that Izzy doesn’t have to get up early, but first, I decided I was going to clean it out and organize it in a way that Ava would be able to maintain it. I am SO CLOSE to being done.

So this is the kids’ first simultaneous day of school!

Once it’s finished, I’d like to institute some official daily chores for Ava. Having her in school every day (as opposed to a few days a week) will make it easier for me to stay in the routine of having her doing chores. She’s usually up about 7:00, she doesn’t leave here until 7:40, and all she has to do in the morning is get dressed and have her hair done since she prefers to eat breakfast at school. So that’s plenty of time to make her bed and tidy up her room, and maybe even wipe down the counter in her bathroom, right??

They are showing off their backpacks. I assure you.

So, what I’m saying is, I really need to make one of those awesome chore charts that I keep seeing on Pinterest that have magnets or clothes pins or something else adorable.

I’ll have to add that to my adorable to-do list marker board.


One thought on “It Actually Did Happen, and I Actually Took Pictures.

  1. So cute 🙂 Olivia has that same dress in red. Isn’t it such a sweet dress for girls?!!! 🙂 Glad she’s liking school so far!

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