Some Linker Miscellany

I’ve been waiting to blog because I need to put together a nice post about Ava’s birthday party. Well, who knows when I’ll have time to concentrate on THAT, so here are some other things that are going on!

~ I made a big change about a month ago. Would you like to see?

I started like this:

And I ended up like this:

Yep, I measured my hair and it was long enough, so we went ahead and hacked it all off to give it to Locks of Love! My friend Kaley did a great job. I am, however, for the first time, one of those girls who has to straighten her hair in order to feel presentable. My hair is just too, er, fluffy at this length when it’s not straightened. So I purchased a tiny straightener (because I’m cheap!) and now I’m having to work hair straightening into my beauty regimen. Which, I guess, means I now have a beauty regimen.

~ Ava is doing really well in school, so her teacher started sending her first grade homework! I feel so blessed that, not only does she learn easily, but she is also pretty self-motivated in her academics. I will admit that I was not prepared for her to bring home assignments of this caliber:

It’s her first book report, people!

~ Izzy is still enjoying school although he makes sure that I know that he’d rather be with me. Here he is for his first cowboy day, which is what the preschool does in lieu of Halloween:

~ I’ll have to be honest, I kind of skipped Halloween this year. At least as far as the kids costumes go. Ava ended up in an outfit from her dress-up clothes:

Izzy represented Batman with his pajama top:

And Egan was nothing. I don’t even have a picture of him from that day!

We did, however, do something new! Since Halloween was on a Wednesday, and we normally have Mission Friends on Wednesdays, our church decided to do something for the community in lieu of our normal classes. So we had a free photo booth on my pastor’s porch for trick-or-treaters. We e-mailed the pictures to them later. My pastor’s neighborhood is VERY popular for trick-or-treating, people drive in from all over the city to take their kids. (It is also the neighborhood where our church meets.) We ended up with over 130 “customers” for our photo booth. On the card where they gave us their e-mail address, they had the opportunity to check a box if they wanted more information about our church, and a number of people did, so I think it worked out to be a great ministry opportunity and outreach event at the same time.

I’m just glad I didn’t get any nightmares after shooting and editing all those photos; there are some pretty terrifying costumes out there!

~ I may have skipped Halloween, but I did not skip fall! Ava had a teacher work day a few weeks ago, and we took the opportunity to paint the pumpkins Egan and I had picked up at the pumpkin patch. I didn’t have a really good place to display them (on the ground = Egan moves them and I never see them again,) so I asked Josh to take me to Home Depot to find some burlap. (I had read that it’s a lot cheaper there than at craft stores.) He was more than happy to be ASKED by his wife to go to Home Depot, so we found some and wrapped a little table with it. And here’s what we’ve got!

The chevron striped pumpkin was definitely Pinterest inspired. Of course, I didn’t exactly nail it!

~ Between Josh being gone to Haiti for a week and spending the next week and a half sick, it’s taken a while to get myself back into the cooking scene. I did, however, try some new cookie recipes to help bring in fall. Thought you might be interested: Pumpkin Pecan White Chocolate Cookies were quite yummy, and Boyfriend Cookies got rave reviews! (Although I feel like we should change the name to “Husband Cookies”!)

~ And that’s it for now! What a privilege it was to vote this morning!!!!!


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