I Must Suppress My Inner Hoarder

So, when we moved to this house, we were blessed with something in abundance: CABINETS! I am pretty sure I have thrice as many cabinets than I have ever had in any other dwelling Josh and I have shared. Which means that even though I was able to spread all of my dishes and kitchen gadgets out when I unpacked the kitchen, I still had some cabinets left over!

After a few months I realized I could start doing something I had been wanting to do but had never had the space for: save empty food/drink containers for crafting/gifting/other projects. I could star UPcycling instead of just REcycling. I had a nice LARGE empty cabinet that was perfect for stuffing with jars and cereal boxes.

However, here’s the thing: I do not craft THAT often. Also, I am NOT known for organizing things as I go along. By this summer, I couldn’t open my Hoarding Cabinet without fear of a sour cream container jumping out at me. Combine my already disorganized self with Egan, who loves nothing better than The Destructive, there was a mess on my kitchen floor on any given day.

When I needed to get out my fall decorations, which happened to be at the very back of the Hoarding Cabinet, I decided it was time to clean out unneeded containers and organize the ones I had left. I failed to get a before picture, but here is everything once I pulled it out of the cabinet:

I thought it would be fun to document what I found, since it basically represented what our family had eaten in the past year. Of course, Josh thought I was crazy for making this list. But here it is, anyway.

Plastic Containers:
Brummel and Brown (6)
Other margarine (2)
Ovaltine (5) (There would have been a lot more, but I use Ovaltine containers pretty regularly!)
Large yogurt containers (2)
Kids’ yogurt containers (27)
Sour cream (6)
Mayo (1) (Surprising! I guess it wasn’t the year of the sandwich!)
Peanut butter (2) (Also surprising!)
Strawberry milk mix (3)
Large applesauce jars (3)
Coffee creamer (6)
Baby food (26 round, 10 rectangular)
Ricotta cheese (4)

Glass Containers:
Frappuccino (8) (Guilty pleasure!)
Sparkling grape juice (5)
Ragu (10)
Pizza sauce (8)
Picante/salsa/taco sauce (11)
Grape jelly (6)

SO, I decided that I wanted to keep the glass containers, but there is no way I could keep all the plastic ones. So I am now only keeping Ovaltine and Brummel and Brown plastic containers the rest went (and will continue to go) into the recycling. I wouldn’t keep plastic at all, except it is A LOT easier to cut a hole in the top of a plastic container for bank crafts. (Also, the new Ovaltine containers are nice because you can slice off the label and are left with translucent plastic.) Oh, and I’m keeping the coffee creamers, because, have you seen Pinterest?

Once my cabinet was organized, it looked like this:

Much better!

I realize this could be the most boring blog post you’ve ever read. But it may inspire you to clean out your own Hoarding Cabinet…or to start hoarding things…

And if anyone ever needs a Ragu jar…let’s just say I’ve got the hookup.


3 thoughts on “I Must Suppress My Inner Hoarder

  1. Love it! I am finally catching up with everyone, and it’s great. So nice to see that you hoard those Frappucino bottles too. I have to force myself to throw them away.

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