Valentines 2013 – DOCUMENTED.

OK, I really wanted to document our Valentines before it fell through the cracks like everything else we’ve done so far this year, but tne new Photobucket site has a little gliche. Namely, it won’t let me upload a single picture. So I am using Sky Drive, but doing it this way, I can’t actually see what the pictures are while I edit the post. So I’m going to do the best I can to narrate these pictures, but if things seem a little wonky (like if it’s a picture of a person and I’m all like, “Check out this picture of a heart!”), you know why.

I made puppy chow, mixed Valentines M&Ms in for color, and put it in Frappuccino bottles. These went to my mom’s group. It’s a combination of several ideas from Pinterest, of course.

The kids got to look at my Pinterest board and pick out which Valentines they would like to make this year. They picked this one (above) for our family friends and playdate friends.

Izzy chose the “Orange you glad you’re my ___________” bottle for his teacher and his Daddy!

Ava chose the “I really DIG you” shovel for her teachers.

Izzy chose the Lightsaber ones for his class. They looked awesome and were really easy to make because there is a printable.

Ava and Josh made these for her class. Hats off to him for seeing her through this project!

Instead of doing cards, I got the kids these little mailboxes from the Target dollar bin and put notes inside. I hope to hang them outside their rooms and leave notes for them throughout the year.

Izzy was pretty thrilled with his oversized Angry Birds coloring book! Hopefully that will save our printer some ink!

A few teachers from Izzy’s school hosted a breakfast for their kids and their parents. It was super sweet of them! At the same time, Ava and Josh had a “Donuts with Dad” breakfast at her school!

Super cute shot of Brad and Jack!

Jack and Izzy and their sweet teacher, Miss Raven! She’s going to have to get used to my camera because I’m shooting her engagement pics in a few weeks!

After breakfast, Egan and I headed to our mom’s group Valentines play date!

It was a great day, I love celebrating Valentines Day with my kids!

As far as celebrating with my Number 1 Valentine, our parents were super gracious and took our kids last weekend so that Josh and I could have ONE WHOLE DAY at our own house by ourselves. It seems like every time we get a babysitter, it’s because we have to go somewhere or do something and, although we enjoy any time we have together, we always end up exhausted! So my request was that we have a day that we didn’t have to do ANYTHING. And we did!!!

Josh had to work late on Thursday, so we took our annual family trip to Five Guys the next day. I’m OK with making celebrations last a while.


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