Jackie’s Baby Shower!

I thought about delaying this blog post until I edited shower pictures, but then I realized that that would mean I wouldn’t be writing it until a month after it happened, which is not nearly as fun! Plus, I had A LOT of help from other people to make this weekend possible, so I feel like I need to go ahead and let the world know how wonderful they are! With that in mind, please don’t judge the quality of the baby shower pictures? Thanks. I knew I could count on you.

SO, I got the greatest news from my friend Jackie about 5 monthsish ago! I totally was going to write a celebratory blog post, but then I got some good news from some other friends, so I thought I might just do a blog post of All the Good News…but then some friends weren’t ready to let the internets know about their good news, which I can understand…and time got away from me, so, well, here we are!

Anyway, all that goes to say that Jackie and Eric are having their first BABY in April! Which is super exciting because Jackie has been loving on all of OUR babies for so long, patiently waiting on her own! Of course, it makes it even sadder that she is 4 hours away.

Fortunately, Jackie was willing to travel so that we could have a shower for her and her actually be at the shower, which is a lot more fun then having a shower and taking pictures of it to send her! Eric was even a trooper and came with her, driving her through the monsoon that was north Florida on Friday night.

We had planned to do their maternity pictures on Saturday morning, and I became very, very concerned about the weather. FORTUNATELY, there was a break in the weather on Saturday morning, and we were able to do the pictures! (I may have said, on the completion of breakfast, “It’s not raining now. GO GET READY. NOW.” I think that’s why moms make good photographers.)

We walked to the bike trail close to my house for their pictures. I expressed excitement that we were able to shoot there, because typically no one is interested in driving down to my little community for pictures. Jackie gave me permission to claim that they had driven 4 hours JUST to have their picture taken on the bike trail. So there you have it, folks, it’s a hot place for pictures!

I don’t typically show my work on my personal blog because, believe it or not, I am fond of BOUNDARIES. But this is one of my besties that we are talking about, so I have to show her off a little bit!

Isn’t she just the definition of darlin’???

Unfortunately, the weather did not continue to hold out, so when Liz and I arrived at Mary An’s house to prepare for the shower that afternoon, it was a veritable monsoon outside. But we were going to have fun no matter what!

The shower was monkey theme so we decorated accordingly! Jackie loves monkeys and I had only been waiting a sweet forever to throw her a monkey baby shower!

In the foyer we had a table for people to decorate diapers for Jackie to enjoy at those special, stinky moments.

Mary An made this adorable diaper cake that was displayed on the piano!

We found all of the monkey related garments we could at the thrift store to hang as decor!

Melanie made this adorable backdrop to go behind our onesie-decorating table.

In the dining room, we had these guys hanging from a vine…

…and a “Go Bananas” banner in homage of our banana split table!

Liz made these adorable monkey cupcakes!

The banana split table was ready for ice cream, which Tiffany provided!

Mary An’s husband, Mike, whipped up this amazing monkey picture for us!

Our guests arrived! We had a great dinner and then got to crafting our shirts and diapers.

Cynthia made a great green punch to go with our jungle theme!

We played a game to see who could draw the best baby monkey – Jackie’s pick!

And of course there were presents!

I gave Jackie Big Mama’s new book! I read it last week and it’s perfect for a new mom!

And of course there were lots of monkeys…and clothes and practical things, too!

Group shot!

Mary An’s husband came home so we could get a group shot with me in it!

Of course, I insisted that everyone get individual shots with Jackie, as well. For some reason we decided we should all get shots posing like high schoolers in addition to our “normal” poses.

A BIG thanks to Mary An, Liz, Melanie, Cynthia, and Tiffany for making the party possible – strength really does come in numbers! I’m so glad Jackie could come up and celebrate with us! And of course I can’t wait to get my hands on Baby Coyle!!!


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