The Lord is my Photographer: A Little Spiritual Exercise

When I was on a mission trip with the Georgia Baptist Convention as a teenager, during one of our group devotionals we were challenged to make Psalm 23 more personal. You see, David wrote about God being his Shepherd because David was a shepherd. That is something that he could deeply relate to! So we were asked to re-write the psalm and make it something that we could relate to.

At the time, I was a dancer, so it was an easy pick: “The Lord is my Choreographer.” A few years later, I was working at Subway, and felt the need to do the exercise again: “The Lord is my Sandwich Artist.”

Wouldn’t it be awesome if I had a copy of either poem?! Sadly, I don’t, although I do remember something about “dwelling behind the bane of the Lord forever.”

Well, today I’ve been living off about 2.5 hours of sleep, and apparently that’s just enough to get my creative juices going. I realized that I needed an updated personal Psalm 23. At first I was in a quandry about who the Lord could be; the most applicable version to the Stay at Home Mom would be “The Lord is my husband,” but that sounds too biblical, if that’s possible. So I finally turned to my other job. You know, that little, tiny one I keep on the side that keeps me up late at night.

Before we proceed, I will say that, if you are not familiar with the actual Psalm 23, you should read it here. A) because it is one of the most lovely and timeless pieces of literature, and B) because this isn’t going to make any sense unless you do.

SO, without further ado, I present…

The Lord is my Photographer

The Lord is my photographer, I shall not squint.
He makes me lie on strategically placed picnic blankets in green pastures; He leads me to pose before waters.
He restores my self-image; He guides me to the most flattering angle For His company’s rapport.
Even though I walk through the valley of acne and scars, I fear no misrepresentation, for You are editing me; Your clone stamp and your healing brush, they comfort me.
You prepare a styled shoot before me in the presence of those who have seen my old yearbook photos; You have shaded my head with a reflector; My memory card overflows.
Surely good lighting and a low ISO will follow me all the days of my life, And my highlight pictures will dwell in the gallery of the Lord forever.

~ Kara’s very loose paraphrase of Psalm 23

OK, so I know that is silly and [hopefully] amusing and everything, but I think that, humor aside, this is a very important little exercise. Because it reminds us that God meets us where we are. He met David in the field with a bunch of dirty sheep. He’s met me in a dance studio and a dirty restaurant kitchen and in a hot field trying to get shots of a baby who wants nothing else but to eat pinestraw. So, why not try this little exercise, and re-write Psalm 23 for yourself? Where does God meet you? Is He your coach? Your principal? Your CIO? Your manager?

I know most people are super busy and are doing good to have read this post at all. But I am also pretty sure that there’s at least one person out there that just said, “Challenge accepted.”


One thought on “The Lord is my Photographer: A Little Spiritual Exercise

  1. Kara, this is lovely. How I did not see this before I do not know, but I loved it. I especially enjoyed the “He prepares a styled shoot before me” part. One of my goals this year is to do a styled shoot so I found it particularly applicable. Thanks for the smile, and for reminding me that God cares about that stuff.

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