Five on Friday, AGAIN

I was all like, “Hey, it’s Friday, I’m supposed to write a blog!” And then I looked back and realized I missed a Friday there.


But I remembered this time, so here’s my list!

  1. I would like to make a correction to the last list: I thought we were done reading through the “Rocky Ridge” series, but in fact we are not. Apparently there are FIVE more books in it. So we will be reading more about the Wilder family!
  2. Last weekend, we went down to visit Eric and Jackie, and the men [and Ava] went to see a Braves Spring Training game. Jackie chose to opt out of the game this time because there’s nothing like sitting on the ground when you’re 8 months pregnant, so we went shopping and ate Moes instead, which I can definitely handle! We realized that it was also St. Patrick’s Day weekend when we did the same thing last year. So no we’ve decided the weekend closest to St. Patricks Day is our official visiting Eric and Jackie weekend.

    Mark your calendar, folks!

  3. This week has been the kids’ Spring Break. Since this is the busiest time of year for Josh at work, we don’t ever put a lot of planning into our Spring Break. We spent the first 3 days blissfully enjoying sleeping in (at least, for us!) and not having to be anywhere. Then Ava and Izzy got to go to their Gigi’s yesterday, and I was left with only 1 kid! And, truth be told, it has been so long since that has been the case, I’m really not sure what to do! But I’ll figure it out – thanks, Gigi!
  4. We have undertaken a new project this year that I am terrified of, and it really deserves its own post: gardening. We figured that it was good timing for the kids since we’ve done so much reading about pioneer life. Right now we have a lovely 4 foot by 8 foot raised bed with a chicken wire cover to protect from animals (all credit to Josh,) and I’m just hoping that something will grow out of it! It makes me want to breath into a paper bag just thinking about it. Or maybe into one of the 24 bags of
    top soil and compost we had to buy.
  5. Holy Week is almost here!! Last year, we did a special activity each day of the week leading up to Easter. I plan to continue that this year, so I’ve got some preparations to make this weekend!

And that’s all for now! Hopefully I’ll have the time to write a REAL post before next Friday!


One thought on “Five on Friday, AGAIN

  1. I am really excited to read about your garden! Especially since we’re renters as well it will be good to see what you guys are doing. P.S. the whole “pioneer life” thing is addicting. My mother is very devoted to it.

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