Easter 2013

I know that your spring holiday season will not be complete until you find out what the Linkers did for Easter!

Or something like that.

Our Holy Week started on Palm Sunday with an egg hunt at Gigi’s house. I spent NO money on our Easter Egg hunt this year. I used last year’s plastic eggs, and stuffed them with stickers and candy I found around the house. (Including some “It’s a boy!” mints leftover from one of Jackie’s baby showers. We had to assure Gigi and Grandpa Dan that we were not making any kind of announcement!) I made the kids raise their right hand and take a vow before they got to hunt the eggs. I thought I would record it here, in case you might want to use the same vow in the future. It goes something like this: “I promise not to complain about the candy or the prizes. I am in this for the fun of it, and not for personal gain.”

I had the bright idea to get a group picture of all the kiddos with their baskets afterwards. After some failed attempts of trying to get a picture of everyone smiling, I opted to get a picture of crazy faces instead…

Much better!

On Monday, we got started with our Holy Week project.

I had decided to focus on the different elements of prayer during Holy Week. I got the idea from Our Family for His Glory, but instead of learning them all in one day, we learned about a different element of prayer (P – Praise, R – Repent, A – Ask, Y – thank You!) each day for four days. After Ava did the painting, our bulletin board looked like this –

And, each day, the kids got a prayer prompt (“I praise you because You are___________;” “I’m sorry that I ______;” etc.) and drew a picture to go with it. I wish I could show you the finished product, but we still need to fill out our prayer prompts for “A!”

On Wednesday at Mission Friends, we did this craft:

(not my picture!)

And I wanted to share the concept because they were really easy and turned out super cute.

On Thursday, we had an Easter Egg hunt with our play group and had the adorable 2 year olds hunt for eggs filled with cheerios and Cheddar Bunnies.

(Not that I brought any eggs to donate to the cause. Egan and I were moochers that day!)

And Saturday, of course, was The Egg Games 2013. (If you feel like you need a debriefing on what The Egg Games are all about, here is 2011 and here is 2012.) Our celebration was a little different this time because we made it an event for our whole church (and friends, and Mom’s group…) We also had it in the morning and did a pancake breakfast, because I had two shoots that afternoon and I am nothing if not busy. Or crazy.

I like to add new games each year and hadn’t come up with any, so about 2.5 minutes before the party got started, I checked out Pinterest and found some new ones. In addition to our traditional carry the egg in a large spoon, we did carry the egg in a small spoon…held in your mouth:

Not only did the kids do really well with it, but it made for some awesome photos!

See what I mean? I could look at these all day!

We also tried one where they had to push the egg with their nose…

After some time, I allowed them to use their elbows so they could finish the course!

And we finished up the game portion with the traditional roll the egg with the spoon!

Then, we hid eggs for the little ones, and sent the older kids on this scavenger hunt:

Gwiny, retrieving an egg a little too high for the little ones to reach!

At the end, we all gathered in a circle, and Pastor Don told the Easter Story by having them share the things they found in the Scavenger Hunt.

This is Kathy laughing because her husband had just asked the kids something like, “What color is the green grass?” He was just seeing if they were paying attention!

How adorable are Emma and Sarah praying???

Then we wrapped things up and Pastor Don took the little ones on a luxurious drive through the countryside!

Since we had finished up with our Holy Week activities, we were all geared up for going to church and then spending a day with the kids on Sunday. But God had other plans, because I went DOWN Sunday morning with a nauseous headache, and spent most of the day prostrate. Josh was great and took the kids to church, and finally in the late afternoon I was feeling well enough to go to the park with them and hit our traditional Five Guys. I’m always being reminded that my plans WILL go awry.

With each passing year, Easter grows more and more special to me. I am so blessed to have both a family and a Savior to teach them about!


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