The Race

So one of the 5,461 things I HAVEN’T been blogging about because…well…life…is that Liz and I participated in an 8 week training class to run a 10K. And this morning we ran the race! At a clipping (for us) 10.5 minute pace, might I add!

We’ve been running together for about 4 years, and we’ve been running a solid 3 miles in each session for…about 4 years. And we’ve been saying that we’d like to train for a 10K for…about 4 years. In January, we got word of a free training group for this particular race and, seeing how **free** happens to be both of our love languages, we decided to give it a try!

I am SO GLAD we took the class, because, DUDE, I’m pretty sure every hill in Florida is on this course! Since we had already run quite a bit on them, there were no surprises.

I could talk about technical terms of exercise, but considering the fact that I hydrated with 2.5 glasses of sweet tea the night before, I’m not really a fitness expert. But here are some anecdotes from our experience:

~ Training for a 10K at the time you would normally be eating supper every Monday is really confusing for your body.

~ Running a 10K on a Saturday morning after a light breakfast is a little easier on the body.

~ We’re not really sure when the race actually started. And we were so far back in the mob of people, we really weren’t even sure where the starting line was for a minute or so after everyone started moving.

~ A lot of people that live on the race course were out on their yards/driveways to encourage us…or to stare at us. My favorite was the lady who had “Chariots of Fire” playing over a loud speaker.

~ My family doctor also ran the race and we crossed paths. I feel like this should automatically get me some health brownie points at my next check-up. That is, if I was responsible enough to go to regular check-ups.

~ I don’t know what was stranger…the fact that beer was passed out at the finish line…or the fact that were many people that were able to immediately drink it. That seems like a risky gastrointestinal move right after that kind of physical exertion.

~ Although we didn’t get the beer, we did get free spatulas and pepper seeds.

They say this training thing is addictive, but I’m not buying it. I’ll check with the people in our new trail-running group on Monday just to be sure.


2 thoughts on “The Race

  1. A 10.5 minute mile is amazing! I can run that fast for a few miles but I can’t keep it up for a half marathon. You are amazing! Congrats on the accomplishment! 🙂

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