This is the story of a girl…

…who got busy and forgot to blog.

(As a side note, I heard the song referred to in the title on Pandora recently and got excited and mentioned it to Josh. It’s not often that our 6 year age difference becomes apparent, but it did this time because he just stared at me blankly. But you remember that girl, don’t you, dear blog reader? You know, she cried a river and drowned the whole world?)

So if I wrote everything about the last few weeks, it would fill many, many very boring books. So let’s look at a few highlights:

Stephanie and Brad got married!!! It ended up being The Coldest/Rainiest First Weekend in May in the History of Creation, but they pulled the wedding off beautifully despite all the last minute changes that had to be made, and they are MARRIED now. And that is what matters!!

Photo credits to Josh’s cell phone! I had to make sure we got a picture because I failed to get a picture with her at my wedding (which she sang at!), and it has haunted me ever since!

Josh’s mom kept Egan, and my parents kept Izzy, so Ava got to try out being an only child for a weekend! Which I thought was fitting, because Stephanie was able to spend a lot more time with us before the boys were born:

It’s no secret that I am pretty excited for Brad and Stephanie. They are such a great, Godly couple and I am excited to see what He will do with them. Congratulations, guys!!!

And for another, but slightly less significant highlight:

I made it two years. I know that’s longer than most. But my mother was dropping very un-subtle hints and my husband was making declarations. And people in the grocery store were calling him a “her.” So this happened:


Although it is nice to see his eyes.


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