Camp 2013!!!

So, the week finally arrived:  Camp!  This year’s camp was extra special because!

1.  It was Israel’s first year as an official day camper.

2.  We brought our best friends!

Remember how going on a trip to your friend’s grandma’s house/bringing a friend to your grandma’s house is sort of a rite of passage?  Yeah, totally happened this week!

This year was also a little different because my Dad did not have to direct the camps.  We had incredible directors for both Day Camp and Overnight Camp.  Together, the 4 of us were able to collaborate about the theme, which made my job of writing curriculum that much easier!

The theme this year was “Love the World.”  We decided that we wanted to change camp up by introducing a missions element.  In addition to Bible study, presentations were made by people who had gone on short term mission trips each day, and we also did crafts to reinforce the culture that they had learned about.  When I was thinking/praying about this theme, I didn’t want to make The Great Commission the center of the theme.  That has done many, many times, especially by our denomination.  Of course, it is extremely important, but that just wasn’t the angle I was feeling.  In the end, we decided to make John 3:16 the center of it; we taught them about how God loves them, as individuals, by focusing on the death and resurrection of Christ in Bible Study, and then they were able to see in the missions lessons how that same love can be applied to the whole world.

Of course, camp isn’t just sitting and learning!  I was put in charge of crafts this year (which is always an act of desperation!) and I had fun working with both day campers and overnight campers.

And, of course, there was SWIMMING!

Poor Mr. Chris was patient with a nervous Izzy!

Even though I was only there during Day Camp hours, I managed to sneak over to the cabins one afternoon to see how my girls were doing.

Oh, and for the first time, there were HORSES.  For realz!

Ummm, yes, so I did!  That face is the one of discovering muscles that aren’t used…well…ever!  But let it be known that (although I had to be given very specific instructions,) I mounted by my own power! 

Sweet shot, Miss Ansley!

It was such a great week.  It’s not a secret that I’m passionate about camp, and I’m so thrilled the my kids, sisters, and friends are now experiencing it right along with me!

If you’ll excuse me, I have some bug spray to shower off.


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