Well, hello, bloggy world!  I’ve missed you so!  And I want nothing more to sit here and type out the bajillion things that have gone through my head over the course of the last month.  (Which, granted, would be the most confusing post.  Ever.)  However, I need to do the dishes before small group.

No, I don’t think you understand.  It’s not that I want to do the dishes.  I NEED to do the dishes.

I’m not much of a cleaner, but for some reason, lately, all kinds of OCD have come out in the area of my dishes.


ANYWAY, the least I can do with you is share some of Israel’s 5 year portraits!  It’s hard to believe, but his 5th birthday has come and gone!  He’s a big Pre-K boy now, but, fortunately, he is still my most cuddly.  He has such a sweet spirit, is the best brother ever, and is very creative.  He LOVES animals, and could spend hours asking questions about snakes, Komodo Dragons, and birds.  We’ve been working on letters for the past year, and I’m pretty convinced that he knows A LOT more than he lets on!  As sad as I am to see him growing up, I’m looking forward to seeing what this year brings him!

His portraits were so very easy this year because we were staying at my uncle’s house.  Which, as you can see, gorgeous!  And Israel did GREAT, by far the best that any of my children have ever done for a portrait session!

Some expressions are more realistic than others.

How old are  you?

That’s not Izzy.  It’s a cupcake.  That’s supposed to look like a turtle.  Ava, Josh, and I made them to send Izzy’s class.  I’m all about decorating cupcakes…with candy!



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