Well, hi there.

Well, hi there, stranger.  How goes it?

Isn’t it sad that it’s a period of life that I have  more to write about than ever before…but I don’t have the time to write it?

We’ve homeschooled for 9 weeks now.  A whole school quarter.  People are always sweet to ask, “How’s it going?”  The answer is…it’s complicated.  I mean, academically, I feel like it is AWESOME.  (But keep in mind I don’t really have anything to compare to!)  Ava is pretty easily mastering the Classical Conversations memory work, she’s already completed the first half of the 1st grade math curriculum, and she’s successfully identifying parts of speech in a sentence.

But emotionally…we’ve both had some low points.  There are things that Ava misses about traditional school, and understandably so.  I have a hard time finding the balance, at times, between teacher and parent.  I’m struggling to learn what battles to fight, what freedoms to let her have, what to let go.  I am trying to stay in constant prayer, not only for my own guidance, but for Ava’s little heart to have peace, as well.  I am so thankful to have other homeschooling parents that are farther along on their journey to encourage me.

And TIME.  How wonderful it would be to have 2 more hours in the day!!  Keeping up with my business is becoming increasingly harder.  The house is always in a desperate state (although we do clean some as a part of our routine!)  I told someone last weekend that, “we just eat weird stuff,” because I don’t have time to make an actual trip to the grocery store.

And it’s taken me a while to even write about these issues because I have been so gung-ho about homeschooling on here, and I was afraid of being seen as some kind of failure because everything wasn’t daisies and roses all the time.

Which, as usual, is me being ridiculous.  This blog is a place to be real, and hopefully encourage others in the process.  Like anything else in this life, the stage we are in is HARD WORK.

And it is such a privilege.


One thought on “Well, hi there.

  1. Hey, you are fantastic and life is hard, just because it’s being a little rougher doesn’t make you any less fantastic. It just makes you shine brighter. Also *hugs* because we all need hugs. Also also … how are those babies so big? It seems like last week I got the phone call about Ava being born!?

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