7 Things

I’m pretty good resisting “liking” things on facebook that require me to actually write a post of my own, but I slipped up so now I’m assigned to write “7 Random Things” about myself.

That’s not actually going to happen.

However, since I haven’t taken the time to blog in a sweet forever, I thought I would blog 7 random things, (although not necessarily directly about me.)  And I’ll link it to facebook.  That’s as close as I’m gonna get, folks.

1.  I hate to start with something sad…. but please, please, please stop whatever you’re doing and take the time to pray for the Hayden family.  Jaci and her daughter, Hadley, (who happens to be Egan’s birthday twin!) come to the play group that we went to when we had time for such things.  They had a sweet little boy, Case, born prematurely at 28 weeks gestation.  He was a fighter and lived 10 days in the NICU before Jesus took him home.  We are all so heartbroken for them.  Jaci very graciously blogged the details of Case’s brief but impactful life here.

2.  I have only shot 3 weddings this year.  Guess what the dates were?  November 2nd, November 9th, November 16th.  Yep, somehow the only weddings I had were 3 weekends in a row!  It was a lot of work (and will be a lot of work….) but I loved the brides I worked with, and since it had been 20 months since I had shot a wedding, it was a nice change.

3.  Have I mentioned our kids take gymnastics now?  Ava decided ballet wasn’t for her, so she tried a gymnastics class over the summer.  She loved it, so now we have the boys in gymnastics, too!  (I only have them doing it because their classes are at the same time as hers.)  Ironically, it costs us less to have 3 children in gymnastics than it did to have 1 child in ballet.  Go figure.

4.  Josh and I took a little trip to North Carolina in October, and I thought I should share in case anyone else would be interested in doing this in the future.  Every year, there is a Marriage Getaway at the Southern Baptist Conference Center at Ridgecrest.  (And you certainly don’t have to be Southern Baptist to go – I think the speakers themselves represented several different denominations!)  It is a wonderful mix of worship sessions, breakout sessions, and even free time to spend together.  And of course the mountains in the fall are BEAUTIFUL.  We have been wanting to go for years, and since this was a year that I didn’t have a nursing baby attached to me, Josh made it happen!  So much fun – and the lack of humidity was great for my hair!  🙂

5.  We have a new family member!  You may (or may not) remember that we parted with Ellie last year.  It was a season of our lives that we were truly too busy to care for a dog.  Of course, the kids have been wanting a pet (don’t all kids???).  But we take SO MANY trips on the weekend that Josh and I knew we couldn’t commit to another dog.  (Besides, no dog could be as good as Ellie!)

Our solution?  A self-sufficient cat, with a feeder that will carry it through the weekend just fine!  I had a very specific list of qualities I wanted in a cat, and I certainly didn’t have time to visit animal shelters to get to know the animals and find the right match.  (Sorry, animal rights people.  It’s nothing personal, I just don’t have that kind of time.)

So I took the easy way out.  I made a list of my requirements on facebook to see if anyone HAPPENED to know of a cat that met my qualifications and needed a new home.  Lo and behold, some old friends from Cloverdale had just such a cat, and they were hoping to find her a new home!  So we now have Gracie.  She was technically a birthday gift for Ava. And it works out, because she has claimed Ava’s room as HERS.

6.  Have I mentioned that I finally get to be an aunt???  Josh’s sister, Kristy, is having a baby boy in January! I have looked forward to being an aunt for a VERY LONG time.  Unfortunately, Kristy does not live very close to us.  I may or may not be coming up with a diabolical plan to move her closer to me.  Because, after birthing 3 nieces/nephews for her to spoil (but that I have to raise), I am so ready to SPOIL HERS ROTTEN.  Amen.

7.  Sooooo, while I have your attention, I have a request.  One thing I really, really, REALLY miss is reading for my own pleasure.  (I do read to the kids.  Which I really enjoy.  But we’re talking about reading for me, here.)  I am not a good multi-tasker, but when I edit pictures after the kids are in bed, I am able to watch TV, listen to music, or listen to Big Mama/Boomama podcasts.  Which has led me to realize that I might be able to handle listening to audiobooks while I work!  Sooooo….my question is, is there a place/website that I can get free audiobooks???  (Borrowing is fine – and I’m sure that there are some at my library, but I need to figure out how to better use the search engine to find them.)  I do REALLY love British classics.  But I would ALSO really, really LOVE to “read” Christian parenting books and other books that Christian ladies are coming out with these days.  (Priscilla Shirer, Angie Smith, Lisa Terkeurst, Kelly Minter, etc.)  I looked at audiobooks on Amazon, but they are pretty pricey, and I really can’t do $10 per book.  (And I’m talking about books that are actually read by the author or a narrator, NOT a computer program monotonously “reading” the book – **shudder**!)  I know that podcasts are a thing, but do they have them of books?  And I also don’t actually have iTunes on my computer, although I hear it’s free.

In other words, I’m starting at the very bottom of the audiobook informational barrel, so any advice you can give will only bring me up!


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