Xander is Here!

I’m baaaaaaaaaack!  I know, I know, you feel so much better now.

I thought about doing a HUGE try-to-catch-everyone-up-on-everything type blog post, but I was overwhelmed by the thought of it, which is a good sign that my readers would be overwhelmed by the sight of it.  So, instead, I will pick one thing and blog about it.  You’re welcome.

AND, since first thing is first, I pick my new nephew!

As I mentioned before, my nephew was finally born!  A few weeks ago, Josh, Ava, and I had the opportunity to go visit him and his mama Kristy.  (Thanks, grandparents, for watching the boys!!)  Of course, while we were there, newborn pictures were a priority, so I have what I need to show my nephew off!


Xander rocked his pictures!

When I first met Kristy, she was in 6th grade.  So much fun to get to see her transform into a lovely young mother!

Josh was just a little excited to meet his nephew.

And Ava was excited to meet an actual cousin!

Truth be told, I was pretty sick with some upper respiratory stuff.  So although I would like to remember our time with Kristy and Xander like this…

It was really more like this…

AND, to show that I have completely lost all shame, I will reveal how amazing, professional, attractive, etc. I was while I was shooting that day.

Don’t you wish your photographer was hott like me???

(And yes, that’s a baby bump.  I’ve been trying to think of nice ways to make a bloggy announcement, but we’re 18 weeks in and I think a bad bathroom selfie with a creepy mask will have to do!)

ANYWAY, we’re so delighted to welcome the newest member of the family and can’t wait to see him again!

And if that wasn’t riveting enough, here are some topics I am hoping to blog about in the relatively near future…

  • Homeschooling: A Mid-Year Review
  • A New Depth of Field: Reflections from the Photography Journey (oooooh, that title might be too pretty to use!)
  • Random Bullets o’Blogginess: Book Reviews, Bologna and Spinach, Pierced Ears, and More!
  • Random Pictures o’Blogginess:  Because Not Every Picture Has a Category

Thanks for letting me back into the blog world.  I’ll try to treat it right, this time!



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