Spring Break 2014

You know how it is said that teachers look forward to Spring Break more than the kids do?

Well, I can’t speak for everyone, but I can tell you that this teacher-of-one was PRETTY PSYCHED that we had an excuse to take a week off of school work!

The tricky thing about Spring Break is it is smack dab in the middle of the state government’s session. This means we will never get to take a long trip (at least, not with Josh!), and it also means that there’s a chance we won’t even SEE Josh much during our break. Because of this, it would be really easy to make Spring Break just a lazy week around the house. However, I’ve always felt that we need to do some out-of-the-ordinary things during the week to make it memorable. (Case in point: Ava’s first “spring break” from preschool when Egan was only 2 weeks old!) Now that we are doing school at home, I feel even stronger that a break merits getting out of the house!

We started out our break the weekend prior with our annual trip to visit Eric and Jackie (and Cade!) and go to a Braves Spring Training Game.

AKA: the day we take the kids to a baseball game and spend our day wondering why we took our kids to a baseball game.

Just kidding.  Well, sort of.

Cade’s first Braves game!

Our kids are totally in this for the food!

The men ACTUALLY watching the game!

It was a quick trip because of Josh’s work schedule, but we were able to stay for church the next morning, and snag a couple portraits in the back yard, of course!

Can you believe that little baby Cade is already this big???

An effort at a group picture!

One thing I don’t have pictures of from the weekend is how much we sat in interstate traffic.  IT WAS A LOT.  But we finally made it home Sunday night, just a few hours later than we thought it would be, and immediately got geared up for the rest of the week!  And here is the recap!

Day One

On Monday, we went to visit some friends who had just had a baby.  The hubby is one of Josh’s co-workers, and the family started homeschooling this year just like us and joined our co-op, so they pretty much have no choice but to be our friends!  While we were there, of course I had to take some pictures…

Then we brought Calli, who is in Ava’s co-op class, home with us for a sleepover!

Day 2

Tuesday was pretty laid back.  The girls played around the house in the morning and I helped them work on their memory work, because Spring Break is not a thing when Memory Masters is only a few weeks away!  HOWEVER, things quickly got exciting when Amazon delivered Frozen to our doorstep!  My kids had not seen the movie yet, and I had been hoping to take them to see it at our “dollar theater” during Spring Break.  But it had not reached that theater before it came out on DVD last week, so we made the call to purchase the movie and watch it at home.  So we did something we NEVER do.  Drop everything in the middle of the day and watch a movie!  No one complained about that!

Afterwards, we headed to gymnastics (the gym had closed the week before for the college Spring Break.)  Josh got off on time (yay!) so we met him for dinner and for shoe shopping.  Fancy stuff!

Day 3

On Wednesday morning, I announced to the kids that we were going to head down to our little beach, Shell Point, for a picnic.  It was chilly and gray and I didn’t think that this idea would be met with much enthusiasm.  Boy, was I wrong!  All the kids had bathing suits on in about 2.5 seconds.  (Egan even had a 2nd pair of trunks on his head!)  When we got to the beach, I really regretted not checking the hour-by-hour forecast.  It turns out that, although the afternoon would be sunny and in the 70s, the morning was about 60 degrees, windy, and overcast.  I was wearing a sweater and still chilly.  A toe in the water confirmed that it was icy.

But if you could see my kids (and you can’t, because the only pics from that day I have are on my phone and I’m not walking across the house to get it, sorry,) you would think that the conditions were tropical!  They were in nothing but bathing suits and splashing around having a great time!  After a while, Cynthia, Aurora, and Gage joined us.  We had our picnic and the sun FINALLY came out.  We ended up staying for a few hours after lunch and the kids had the best time!  And since the water was, in actuality, pretty cold, it was fun for me, too, because I didn’t have to chase Egan in the water and keep him from drowning himself!

We went home and, since it was Spring Break from Wednesday church activities, Josh got home earlier than we expected.  We celebrated this by watching Frozen again so that he could see it.  I know, what is happening to us?  He even managed to hook it up to a projector so we could have the big screen experience, after all!

Day 4

On Thursday, there was much rejoicing because the Millers were in town!!!  Since we had missed out on doing Aurora and Emma’s annual birthday photo shoot, that was a top priority for me.  Since I ALSO have neglected to do birthday shoots of…pretty much everybody…in the last year, I decided to just have a big portrait session.  We met up at a park and it was a gorgeous day.  I just shot hit and run style.  Whichever child was closest to me as they ran in circles got nabbed for pictures.

February birthday girls!

I can’t believe how grown-up Gwiny looks!  So much gorgeousness!

Isabel’s birthday was actually today!

The whole group!!!

And attempt at a “just the big girls” picture.  Can you tell Egan is happy to have his Gwiny back????

So much can be said here.  The lost teeth.  The curled hair.  The crazy cat earrings.

Pretend like I posted this on his birthday at the beginning of the month!

Just adding to our arsenal, I mean collection, of Izzy/Emma pictures.

After fun at the park, we headed to McDonalds to celebrate All the Birthdays.  And then to gymnastics.  Woot!

Day 5: The Greatly Anticipated Spring Break Adventure!!!

Over a month ago, Tiff and I started discussing the possibility of taking an adventure over Spring Break.  You see, right now, we have an 8 passenger vehicle.  Which means, for the first time, Tiff and I and ALL OUR KIDS can fit in the same vehicle!  Which opens up a world of possibilities!  HOWEVER, we have a small window of time to take advantage of it, because when the new baby arrives in July…well, the numbers will be off again, and we will have to ride separately wherever we go.

ANYWAY, we did all sorts of research about state parks and other such cheap entertainment within a 2-ish hour radius. We texted and e-mailed back and forth different ideas for weeks.

And what did we end up with?

A boat tour at the state park that is literally between our houses.

Of course, we still picked them up so that we could all ride in the Yukon, because, SPRING BREAK ADVENTURE!

It was such a nice day, and we had the best time!

We started with a picnic.

And then we took the boat tour!  It was only mildly terrifying to have Egan hanging over the rail of a boat in alligator infested waters!

Such a pretty day!

Tiff ended up keeping up with 5 of the 6 kids.  The Linker Conversion System:  1 Egan = 5 kids 5 and up!

(And, of course, most of the alligators were on her side!)

When we got back to dock, we decided to let the kids stick their toes in the water even though we didn’t bring bathing suits.  The river is fed by a natural spring, and is a cozy 69 degrees year round.

It’s a good thing I had some extra clothes, because, again, you would have thought it was tropical the way they played in the water!

We had such a good afternoon at the state park, and then we brought the Miller girls back to our place for a sleepover.  It was a perfect way to cap off a nice staycation week!

It was probably crazy of me to schedule so much over Spring Break…and the house was definitely looking like a war zone by the end of the week…but the memories are totally worth it!