Baby Q & A and Long Lost Pictures!

Alternatively titled:  She Does Know He’s Not a Newborn Anymore, Right???

Sorry, this is the laaaaast baby catch-up post.  Then I’ll go back to regularly scheduled blogging.

Or maybe I should say, I’ll go back to trying to regularly schedule blogging.

Anyway, when Ava was born, I filled out a little survey of commonly asked questionsI did it again after Egan was born.  So it is only fitting that I do it for Arrow!  (I know, I know, I actually have 4 children.  Poor Izzy will be able to trace all his problems back to not getting a survey filled out about him!)

Also, I know it’s a travesty, but I didn’t even bring my camera into the Birth Cottage.  It was in my car.  I had wonderful intentions.  I was going to set the manual settings between contractions so we could use the natural light and pass it off to Cynthia to shoot with.  But we already mentioned in my last post about what happened to my PLANS that day.  However, Cynthia snagged some pictures with her phone, e-mailed them to me, and I found them…2 months later!  So hooray for surprise birth pictures and I will now pepper them throughout!

I was so glad Cynthia got this shot – it’s the only one of me and Arrow before I went to the hospital.  I know I don’t look all loving an maternal, but better than nothing.  And check out all that natural light!  We could have done so much…sigh.

Question:  How are your nights going?

Answer:  The reason we have so many kids?  They sleep through the night by about two months.

Seriously.  The first couple weeks were rough, but once Arrow learned to love the Rock and Play, he’s been a good sleeper ever since!  And he really does give us a good 9 hours at night.  Of course, I have melons on my chest by the morning, but it’s all good, we’re sleepin’!

Peachy with Arrow!

Question:  How was your labor and delivery?

Answer:  You must have missed this epic blog.

Question:  Are you breastfeeding?

Answer:  Am I ever not breastfeeding?

Arrow’s start was a little different in the breastfeeding world because, well, that’s all I’ve ever done with him!  Even though I exclusively breastfed the boys for the first year, I did a pumping/supplementing routine for their first few days of life until my milk really came in.  However, with Arrow, I ended up spending an unexpected 24 hours in the hospital after his birth.  Because that wasn’t planned, I didn’t have my pump or any formula with me.  I also had taken Percocet, which, in addition to causing me to send my best friend a series of texts post scripted with #narcotics, it helped me to not stress out about feeding the baby like I normally would.  I put him to the breast (which, thankfully, he took to!) and trusted God with the rest.

And how is breastfeeding going now?  Well, I can’t get anything done in the afternoon thanks to cluster feeding, and he’s now a 13 pound chunker.

In other words, he’s a boob man.

Question:  Have you taken her him out yet?

Answer:  Well, obviously, at 2 months I have.  But, thanks to all the help I had and the fact that I had more restrictions than I’ve had in the past, Arrow and I didn’t get out right away.  I thought that it would drive me crazy to be on bed rest for a week and not get to drive for two weeks.

As it turns out, it was AWESOME.

Of course, now, he gets to experience it all: gymnastics, co-op, the other co-op, church, restaurants, the grocery store.  Just part of being in a bigger family!

Gramma worked hard that day to get to this moment!

Question:  Do you have help at home? Are you going back to class work?

Answer:  I have been blessed with SO MUCH help.  Josh took the first week off after Arrow was born to take care of me while the kids stayed at their grandparents.  Then my mom brought the kids back and stayed with us for a week and Josh went back to work.  Then Josh took another week off!  Not to mention that Cynthia shows up at random to clean the house/cut the grass/wrangle the Egan.  I am a very blessed lady!!!

My main job, homeschooling, is back in full swing now.  My side job, photography, is also back!  HOWEVER, I am ONLY doing portrait shoots for the rest of this year…and maybe even forever!  I’ve been wanting to get out of event photography for a while now…and having another baby finally gave me the extra push to do it!


My amazing birth team!  Layla, Peachy, and Heather.  I didn’t mention Heather in the last post because she came in towards the end, but she’s the one that helped me get from Point A to Point B every time I would have to walk after the birth, so she was definitely an important part of the process!

Some New  Newer Questions!

Question: Where did you get the name?

Answer:  We had a list of three first names and two middle names, and Israel picked the name from that.  (Ava picked a girl name!)  Keith, the middle name, is my Grandad’s name.

Arrow is a little harder to explain.

Honestly, it just kind of happened.

When I was about 8 months pregnant, Lauren became concerned that we had not yet picked a name (I mean, I had a whole ‘nother month!) and sent me a link to a name list website.  It seemed a little less overwhelming than most that I had looked at, so I perused the names starting with vowels and saw Arrow used as a first name for the first time.  I thought it was cool, and sent it (along with some others) to Josh, who was out of town, so I wouldn’t forget them before we had time to discuss them.

In the end, Arrow made the final cut (along with Anders and Orin,) and Izzy took care of the rest.

BUT, after he was born, I discovered that our photographer (who happens to be Polished Arrow Photography, and that didn’t even cross my  mind when we picked the name!) has an awesome verse that she uses with her business, and she said that I could steal it for Arrow’s Life Verse:

“He made me into a polished arrow and concealed me in his quiver.”  Isaiah 49:2 B.

Although this is admittedly a little out of context (it’s a reference to Christ Himself in one of the Servant Songs,) my prayer for my Arrow is that God both keeps him in His quiver, and uses him as a sharp and swift tool for the glorification of His Kingdom.

Not to mention, it is a totally awesome name!  😉

OK, so these are with my camera from the 48 hour check-up our birth team did at our house.  I had to come out of my non-camera funk, because, this scale?!  It’s like we’re in an episode of Call the Midwife!

Question: How is being a mom to three four kids going?

Answer:  If you ever want to try it, I have four you can borrow!

But really.  There are days that the boys never change out of their pajamas and there are weeks (like this one!)  that the laundry never gets done.  My meal planning/grocery shopping is terrible right now.  The house is a constant wreck.  I eat more in the car than I do at my dining room table.

But I am so, so, so, so very blessed!  (Do you see what I did there?  4 “so”s!)  I have incredible kids!  Incredibly difficult to raise, yes, but incredible still.  And I have an AMAZING support in my husband.  Seriously, what a privilege it is to raise a family with Joshua Linker!

Eeeeeek!  Toesies!

Well, lookie there!  I have more pictures than questions.  I guess I will have to come up with…

Some New, New Frequently Asked Questions!


Sweet Layla getting some Arrow love!

Question:  Is this your last baby?

Answer: Mind your own business!

Hehe.  But really.  Although we are in no hurry, we will not complain if God expands our family biologically or through adoption.

In the future.

Like, not right now.



I just love her shirt.  It really does take a village!

Question:  How do you do it all?

Answer:  Oh my goodness, I don’t.

I was totally serious about the laundry/grocery/mess situation.  There are days where I really feel totally defeated. 2 Corinthians 12:9 often comes to mind: “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”

Let’s just say I’m giving God a whole lot of weakness to work with!

Peachy snagged this shot.  Check out that aperture.  That is a niiiiiice aperture.  And man.  And baby.


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