Commercial Time!


I have been meaning to mention in every post since April that I have finally entered the world of the smart phone, and part of that is having an Instagram account!

I’ve really enjoyed using Instagram during this season where I have so little time for blogging.  I’m also not comfortable putting our “real life” pictures on facebook because A) Facebook is already crowded, and ain’t nobody got time fo’ all dat.  B) I feel like the only people who are going to take the time to follow me on Instagram are the ones who love me for who I am.  It is much less political than Facebook.

SO, if you need a fix because you’re missing the blog, than follow karathecucumber on Instagram.  If you can figure out how to do it – I have little to offer in technical help.  THAT is where our real life – topless boys, cute baby galore, school achievements that nobody cares about but me [but I share them anyway], dark chocolate snacks, and even the occasional [tasteful] breastfeeding selfie – can be found!


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