Halloween was made for pictures.

What, and you thought it was for collecting candy and glorifying the things we spend the rest of the year trying to convince our children are bad?

You are mistaken!

It is so that we can document our kids wearing our awesome creations.  Or, in my case, someone else’s awesome creations.

Let me be straight up honest with you.

I don’t care for store bought costumes, and I don’t have any spare minutes for costume construction.  However, my kids are old enough now to appreciate a good costume.  I may have been so desperate that I put a plea on facebook for help.  And I may have a friend so amazing that she responded by sewing Ava a costume.  And I may have a husband so amazing that he hand-stitched the boys’ costumes.

But I took the pictures.

We started off our evening at the Harrells because A) Ava needed eyeliner to be a proper Cleopatra, of which I have none.  and B) The pictures!

Here is our whole crew…

Here is my Cleopatra:

I’m not kidding, my friend Morgan sewed this costume for her and came up with the whole collar/armband thing.  Isn’t it amazing???  Josh took her to buy the wig, and Cynthia did the make-up.  Thanks, guys!  She was so happy to not have to be Laura Ingalls AGAIN!

My Wild Kratts!!!  The boys love playing Wild Kratts so much, but coming up with a costume seemed an impossible feat.  Toys R Us sometimes carries the vests, but that would have involved GOING INTO A STORE THAT DOESN’T SELL FOOD.  Which I don’t do.  So thankful for a man who will sit sewing for two whole nights to make two very happy boys!

Josh’s Costume:

Oh, yeah.  He went there!

And then the Arrow.  When Ava decided to be an Egyptian princess, I got all kinds of excited because he was the perfect age to be Baby Moses, and all I would have to do is swaddle him and put him in a basket.  It would have been the cutest theme ever, not to mention the easiest baby costume!  But then Ava caught wind of my scheme and declared she must be CLEOPATRA, because far be it from her to do something that will make my life easier!

So this morning I pulled out the ol’ fly costume, and I felt kind of bad because he didn’t have a cool costume that someone (not me, of course!) had put a lot of thought into like everyone else.


I thought of an amazing photo project that could make this look like it had been my plan all along!  So I present to you…

The Fly Series

The End.

Oh, wait, we did also do a little Trick ‘o’ Treating and attend a party at Josh’s co-worker’s house.

But that doesn’t really matter, because you know what matters?

The pictures.


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