Seven Quick Takes on Dr. Who, Feeble Efforts Towards Healthy Living, and Cabbage Patch Kids

I’m not Catholic.  But I secretly want to be a Catholic blogger.

So I’m going to try to piggy back on this Seven Quick Takes thing and see if they’ll let my Protestant self in.

It’s all very rebellious and exciting!

(Truly, I’m just looking for an excuse to write a quick blog, because, November?  THE EDITING NEVER ENDS.)

(And I think Catholic mommy bloggers are super cool!)

Take 1 

I was editing a shoot the other day that involved a child who REALLY did not want to smile.  Well, considering the fact that a lot of my clientele are between the ages of 0 and 5, this actually happens pretty often.  But this child was particularly stubborn.  And I realized that, every time I’m in this situation, this is how I feel when I finally get that smile:

Give me this one day!  Just this once!  Everyone smiles!!!

Take 2

Speaking of Dr. Who (ooooooooh, that was smooth, wasn’t it??), we are actually caught up on watching it!  (Thanks, BBC America!)  So I, of course, need to give my thoughts on Peter Capaldi.  Josh and I have both agreed that he has great potential.  He’s like an older David Tennant, which really works for us.  However, I’ve observed 2 big problems:  1)  The writing has been terrible since his arrival.  Seriously, his first episode and the finale were the only story lines that really worked, in my humble opinion.  2)  I’m just going to say this now…I’m not a big Clara fan.  There, I said it.  I don’t have a problem with her as a person, and I think I actually like her more with Capaldi than Matt Smith, but I think the writers tried too much too soon with her…they basically tried to make her another Rose, and you just can’t do that.  From what I understand, she’s exiting now, and I look forward to seeing who will be boarding the Tardis now!

Take 3

Actually, I know who I would like to see on the Tardis:

Miranda Hart

It would be fantastic!

I also want to see this happen:

hello sweetie


Take 4

OK, so this might just end up being One Quick Take on Dr. Who, but I also must say that, after a lot of going back and forth about it, we started to let the kids watch it.  We had to start back with #9, of course, so it is a fun trip down memory lane for us.  They are LOVING it, but watching it with them is not for the faint of heart, because, OH, THE QUESTIONS! We end up with a bunch, even when we tell them, “YOU CAN ONLY WATCH THIS IF YOU DON’T ASK ANY QUESTIONS!!!”  We do the best we can with the answers, but at some point we have to throw in the towel:  “It’s not supposed to make sense.  It’s science fiction!!!”

But it’s all worth it when you hear Egan try to explain what a Dalek is, or when you hear Izzy say “The Tardis is in your phone!”  (which means I got a fb message,) or Ava writes “Are you my mummy?” at the bottom of her test.

That’s straight up special right there.

Take 5

We are in the process of going hormone free on our animal products.  That sounds terribly arrogant, I know, but we  have some good reasons for trying it.  We’ve started looking at different stores and pricing meat, and the whole thing is so overwhelming and makes me want to breath into a paper bag.  (Good thing natural food stores carry those!)  Here is what I’ve learned so far:

– Natural/green/whatever-you-want-to-call-it stores are NOT designed for people who need a month’s worth of groceries at a time.  The carts are tiny…and when I asked for 5 pounds of ground beef, I had to wait, because there WAS NOT ENOUGH OUT.

– I really could use a personal grocery shopper.  I ain’t got time fo’ all this.

– This.  This is delicious.

bark thins

It’s all I want for Christmas.  And New Years.  And Groundhog Day.

Take 6

I now have an 8 year old in my house.  To celebrate, we took her to Babyland General Hospital to adopt a Cabbage Patch doll.  We were in the area for Fall Break, and I really wanted to do something for her that was really girly because, well, there’s a chance she’s the only girl I’ll ever have.  **sniff**  And you know what made perfect sense as a kid but doesn’t as a 28 year old?

Watching a cabbage give birth to a baby.


Good thing Ava could handle it!

Take 7

Speaking of Cabbage Patch Kids, I think this little guy bears a striking resemblance:


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