The Top 14 [Pink Shutterbug] Photos of 2014

I haven’t done much blogging about photography this year because…well, I haven’t done much blogging about anything!

This past year, photography was about cutting back and doing a few things really well.  Before Arrow was born, I second shot a couple weddings and only shot one or two birthday parties; the rest was what I love: PORTRAITS.  After Arrow was born, I finally made the call to officially NOT shoot events for the time being, and just pursue what I love: PORTRAITS.

There you have it, folks.  I am now a natural light portrait photographer.  This year, my goal has been to bring the focus of my work to people’s eyes.  Have you ever REALLY taken the time to look at people’s eyes?!  So many different shapes and sizes and colors…and they are all wonderful!  I have also in the past few months also been making a conscience effort towards including foreground in a lot of pictures.

SO, I got it in my head that I wanted to blog my top 14 favorite pictures of 2014.  I’ve taken so many, it has been REALLY hard to narrow it down.  So please don’t be offended if your pictures are not included!!  I’ve really tried to pick pictures whose composition represents my style, or the achievement of a goal, or that I just LOVE the composition of.  Not to mention that I have an emotional attachment to a lot of them as well.  Some of them are from paid work, some of them are gifts, and some of them are personal.  (But all are taken with my real camera.)  So, without further ado (and in chronological order, because there is NO WAY I’m going to be able to pick a favorite)…


In January, I shot newborn pictures for my nephew, Xander.  It was a cold day, so we were limited to the confines of Kristy’s apartment.  I was sick and pregnant, but we still managed to get some beautiful shots of him!


OK, I know this is technically a collage, but it’s the best way to represent this baptism!  When we were invited to the baptism service of a young friend of ours, I asked if they would like to have a photographer.  I’ve never shot a baptism, and I think it’s such a significant event that it merits REAL pictures.  My friend (and her pastor!) graciously agreed to let me do it, even though I insisted on being on the steps ABOVE the water.  They didn’t understand why I wanted to be in that spot so badly…until they saw the pictures!  Buried with Him in baptism, raised to walk in newness of life.  Amen!

(And I’m pretty proud to have done this with no flash!!)


(I promise they won’t all be black and white!)

This sweet family had their SIXTH baby in March!  I love this shot of everyone’s hands over sweet Asher…this represents, to me, what family is all about!


When a young man asked me if I could take some prom portraits for him and his friends, I had to try to contain my excitement!  It’s VERY rare that I get to work with high schoolers, and they are so much fun to pose!  Hint hint to all you people looking for senior portraits!


This was the perfect Father’s Day surprise for Josh.  It is on our wall.  Those faces.  Gah.


Mandi was my BFF in first grade.  When I found out that she was going to have a Dr. Who themed wedding, and she was game for me coming in to take some themed shots, I was ecstatic!  Because you know what’s better than going to the wedding for your childhood bestie?  It’s going to the wedding for your childhood bestie and COMING HOME WITH TARDIS THEMED PICTURES.  **happy sigh**


This picture from Izzy’s graduation.  I love it so much.  This was just a week before the Millers moved away.  All our babies.  The facial expressions.  I just love it.


I love this shot of this sweet family!  And since I was climbing around at 9 months pregnant to get it…well, that makes it all the more significant.


This was my very last shoot before I had Arrow.  It was like all the stars aligned and it was everything family portraits should be.  Lots of bright colors and happy kids.  In an evening light.  Amen.


Then I had dat baby.  You all know how I hate the light in my house.  There is oooone spot in Ava’s room where I can get this kind of shot in the afternoon!


I lugged my big camera on this field trip along with a diaper bag and a baby in a ring sling, and was starting to wish I hadn’t brought it.  (The camera, not the baby!)  But then this happened.  This picture is everywhere.  It’s on our wall and our Christmas cards and computer wallpaper.  When you get the shot, you get the shot!


Oh, the emotions behind this picture!  Korben was born premature (around 28 weeks gestation) and our family joined with many other prayer warriors asking the Lord to allow him to grow up.  I was so honored to get to take these “newborn” (he was 2 months old!) pictures of a healthy, happy baby boy at home!  Praise God!


This was such a fun engagement shoot!  Joel is a film student so he was totally down with posing in weird places so that we could get a nice backlight with some good foreground.  This picture represents, to me, my journey in photography this year.


I just took the plunge and purchased an 85mm lens, and this is one of the first shots it gave me.  Here’s to looking forward to another year…shooting a little less, but getting more out of each shot!

(See what I did there?  LOOKING?  It’s a picture of an eye.  Get it?)


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