Valentines Week, 2015

Alternatively Titled: Give me a glue gun and Pinterest, or give me death.

SO, it is no secret that I take Valentine’s Day seriously.  At least, for the kids.  (But I remembered to get Josh some candy this year, so that’s a win!)  However, this year, I knew I didn’t have a whole lot of time for crafting Valentines.  Fortunately, when I pulled up my Pinterest board to let the kids pick what they wanted to make for their friends and classmates, EVERY SINGLE ONE that they chose came with a free printable!  It really was a low maintenance year with some cute results.  So low maintenance, I didn’t even photograph everything – because most of it was just a free printable hot glued to some sort of treat!  Here are some highlights:

Our teacher gifts.  So incredibly easy, I’m not even going to bother looking up the linky.  My conclusion?  For being homeschool kids, they have A LOT of teachers!!

These minions.  Although this was the highest maintenance one I had to make, it was still SO MUCH FASTER than the mice of last year.  And it was truly easy, so I wanted to pass the word along.  Believe me, if I can do this, you can, too!  (Besides, there’s nothing classier than sending your kid to a Valentines party with a twinkie box!)

Although this was EXTRA easy, I want to note that when you see a “15 stick” box of Extra, it does NOT, in fact, have 3 individual packs of 5 pieces of Extra inside it.  It IS, in fact, 15 sticks of Extra in a box.  Apparently, 15 is the new 5.  Just keep that in mind, for budgeting purposes.

There was also some bubbles for Egan’s preschool class and some mustaches for my class of preschoolers and possibly lip baum for a few people….but  you get the idea!

I must confess that, once I was done with all that, I was sort of out of time to do much for my own family.  Although I’m pretty proud of Josh’s “card”:

Which even had some Hebrew on it, as an homage to Josh’s seminary days.  I think it says, “I am my beloved’s and he is mine,” but the Bing translate people could have just been messing with me.

Creative wrapping was not really my thing this year, but my kids followed me in an act of solidarity:

So this will be known as the year of the paper bag.

I was a little worried that the kids were going to be pretty materialistic this year because apparently I’ve created a high standard for Valentines Day gifts.  However, I couldn’t have been more delighted with how thoughtful they were towards each other.  The boys went to the thrift store and bought everyone gifts with their own money, and Ava, whose bank account was still hurting from Christmas, hand crafted their gifts:

And what was in those paper bags?  Well, we’ve had a lot of rain around here lately, so I decided we needed this:

They love them!  Possibly the best $12 I’ve spent on these kiddos in a long time!

As far as celebrating goes, we made our traditional Five Guys pilgrimage on Friday night since I had a late afternoon shoot on Saturday.  A lot of times we spend our time in restaurants just trying to keep everyone alive and trying to keep Egan from terrorizing the people around us, but this time I can genuinely say that we had a really nice time together as a family!  I’m really working on taking the time to ENJOY my children.  Although I get to spend more time with my children than most people do, I stay overwhelmed with responsibilities that I rarely take the time to just have FUN with the kids.  Here’s to a lot more fun in 2015!


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