The Elephant in the Living Room

After Arrow was born, everybody saw his sweet, chubby cheeks and decided they needed to get some for themselves straight away.

At least, that’s what I’m thinking.

Seriously, his birth started a wave of calls/texts/e-mails/facebook announcements revealing that [almost] all my girls were pregnant!  Let’s just say that there were many moments towards the end of 2014 that the flow of our day was interrupted by me squealing and jumping up and down after glancing at my phone.

What can I say?  I love my girls.  I love babies.  I love taking pictures of my girls’ baby bumps and newborns.  I love coming up with excuses to hold my girls’ babies so they can eat or use the bathroom or breath or whatever.  It’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it.

So I’ve debated on how to blog about #babywatch2015 because, clearly, I struggle in the blogging consistently department these days and don’t want to get anything started that I can’t finish.  So, today, I’m going to focus on ONE baby, that is due tomorrow.  But she might just want to wait a day and come on my birthday.  Because she’s awesome like that.

One Sunday night I sat down to lesson plan like a good little homeschool mommy and found a text message of my friend Jackie’s son, Cade, wearing a “Big Brother” shirt.  [Insert squealing and jumping here.]  Jackie no longer lives here, but she still has friends in the area and I definitely wanted to have a little shower for her.  At first I thought that we would just do a ladies’ night at a restaurant because I am not exactly in a phase where I’m doing much entertaining, but then she found out she was having a GIRL and I couldn’t resist the desire to create some girly decorations.  Fortunately, Cynthia was willing to host because I can NOT clean my house AND decorate it.  It’s an either/or kind of thing.

Jackie’s plan was to convert Cade’s nursery to Alyse’s nursery and move him to another room, so she was going to keep the jungle theme.  Jackie loves monkeys and her first shower had a monkey theme, but I decided that I couldn’t just do monkeys again – that would be way too easy.  Jackie also told me that she preferred purple over pink, which also sent me back to the drawing board, because, remember the night that Pinterest threw up?  I was totally planning on using those decorations!

SO, after some Pinterest searching, I decided that purple elephants were the way to go.  I wasn’t sure if Jackie really loved elephants, so it was a little bit of  a risk, but you get to a point that you just pick something and go with it.  Fortunately, she either likes elephants or is really good at pretending.  So here’s our décor –

The drinks/favors/desserts.

A friend of mine throws a lot of showers and she always uses mason jars.  She gave me permission to do it, too.  Which was great, because I was planning on copying her, anyway.  But now I feel better about it.

And it was so much fun to get the die cut machine back out!!  Fortunately, there was an elephant die in the pack that I had bought for the monkey die I used for Jackie’s first shower.  Now that’s efficiency

We have extremely gifted decorative cake makers in our group of friends…but I am not one of them.  We decided chocolate covered strawberries were the way to go…pretty but much easier.  And very yummy.  (There was also a Not Yo’ Mama’s Banana Pudding.  Mmmmm.)

OK, so this looks fancy, but I am here to tell you that this is one of the easiest and purtiest things I have ever done.  Cardboard letters from Hobby Lobby.  Scrapbook paper.  Mod Podge.  This was my first time using Mod Podge, and I’m not sure what I’ve been doing all my life.  I want to make Mod Podge names for all the little children of the world.

Josh helped me make the baby wash cloth elephants.  Because he’s that awesome.

This little guy is my favorite.  Those ears.  He just needs a lucky feather.

So I just have fun shooting the fairy lights.  What of it?

We had such a great time!  Cynthia made chicken noodle soup, I made bread.   We played a game matching some of Jackie’s favorite childhood books to their authors.  It turned out to be really hard.  So then we sniffed baby food to try to figure out which type it was.  It turned out to be really gross.

Oh, and there were presents!  Ruffles and lace and bows galore!!!

Here are all the prego ladies in attendance!  At least, they were prego at the time!  😉

Jackie’s mom and aunt drove up to attend!  It was such a privilege to have them there!

All the ladies!

Hostess picture!

The best thing about seeing Jackie for her shower was I got to see her AGAIN 2 short weeks later for our annual Braves Spring Training/St. Patrick’s Day Adventure!!!  Of course, it was time for some maternity pictures!

This little guy seems so grown up!!  It seems like just yesterday I was taking HIS newborn pictures!

She Purdy.

The dip returns by Jackie’s request!

Look at that sweet bump!

All our kids together!  Next time, we’ll finally be adding another girl to the bunch!!!

OK, so now let’s talk about the REAL elephant in the living room.

Alyse, it’s time to come on out!!!




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