The One Where My Lobster Came for My Birthday

One of the things I would have blogged about last year had I had time to blog at all was the fact that our family faced a huge loss.

We lost our lobsters.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I’m sorry.  I lived in a dark cave, too, until a few months ago when Friends finally made it to Netflix.  (And yes, this concept works with platonic friendships.  Chill out.)

The Millers moved away.  At first, it was manageable.  They moved three hours away from us in January, and although it was sad, we were still able to see each other once-a-monthish.

BUT THEN circumstances ended up sending them to Vermont, which is 20 hours away.

We no longer see each other once-a-monthish.

We’ve done the best that we could.  Neither Tiff or I are talk-on-the-phone kind of people, but we occasionally get a fix by sending each other texts that, to the common eye, would probably look rather bizarre.  I can always trust her to appreciate the dream I had about the toilet with the swivel sink, and she can always trust me to appreciate the strange occurrences that take place in the foreign country of New England.

But I’m not going to lie.  When I found a deodorant that smells just like Tiff’s house?

I bought it.

Anyway, their move was rough not only because Tiff is my lobster, but because her kids are my kids’ best friends.  So we are all sad.  Amused by the fact that the Millers have to use a sled to get their clothes to the Laundromat and then will most likely end up with Canadian quarters, but mostly sad.

SO, when I found out that, through a series of magical events, Tiff and the girls were going to manage to be in our area for around 16 hours, a couple days before my birthday, no less, I WAS JUST A LITTLE EXCITED.

So excited, I decided that the only logical thing to do, would be to throw a brunch!  So all of Tiff’s friends could see her at the same time!

That was a LOOOOONG intro mainly to serve the purpose of making sense out of The Pictures.  Because you know that if I’m going to do any kind of entertaining, the key element is The Pictures.

Ava with her girls!  We managed to completely surprise her – they came into her room while she was reading and she had NO IDEA they were coming.  Best surprise she could ever have!

Emma and Aurora’s 5 Year Portrait!!!  We’ve taken their picture together ever since their first birthdays, and I thought it wasn’t going to happen this year.  I’m pretty STOKED that it did!!!

All the kids at the brunch!  My girls were super sweet and surprised me with some birthday goodies!  Love the hats!  (And I apologize about Egan’s shenanigans.  I can’t even.)

This is my new favorite picture!  Every single one of these ladies are so special – I love that we were able to get this picture!

Arrow’s first time meeting Tiff – he was well aware that he was meeting A LEGEND.  Seriously, it has been sad not having Tiff around for his baby-hood – but I’m so glad she got to meet him before his first birthday!

Love this lady!

All SEVEN in our combined crew!

We packed a lot of fun into our tiny visit!  And now, if you need me, I’ll be curled up with my deodorant.  Thanks.


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