Arrow’s Birthday Pow-wow!

Well, I really didn’t want it to happen, and I took measures to avoid it, but it happened anyway.

My baby turned one.

There are all sorts of thoughts and emotions that go with that, but those are for another post.  First thing’s first, we need to talk about the PAR-TAY!

While having a baby in July seemed like a good idea last year, we failed to consider what the implications would be for scheduling his first birthday party.  (I say first because, who am I kidding?  I throw a party for the first birthday and then I’m done!)  Camp is always the week after the 4th of July, which means that we either have to have the party on a holiday weekend or wait a sweet forever.

I opted to wait a sweet forever because I really wanted to take the time to put together some nice things for the party, and there’s just no way I can do that while preparing for camp.  So, instead, we had it right before the VBS I directed.

Like I said, July may have not been the best month for a birthday.

ANYWAY, the theme for Arrow’s party was sort of a given because his name is Arrow.  I was also blessed to have Stacey stay with us the week between camp and the party.  I’ll be totally honest, her and Ava made the majority of the decorations.  I bribed them by letting them stay up late and watch chick-flicks while they worked.

Here are the finished products!

My mom made the cupcakes and the girls made the banners and garlands and cupcake toppers.

The favor table!


These arrows were a fun, easy craft.

I had to include this picture because…tribal washi tape.  Amazon is a wonder!

I ordered the pencils from Oriental Trading and Josh helped me tape the feathers on.  The girls helped me make the headdresses for the kids!

This game didn’t get a whole lot of love…until the adults found it after the kids had all left!

And here was the entrance to the backyard!!!  Someone had donated this teepee for VBS years ago and it’s been in our laundry room ever since.


I think the arrow signs were my favorite part!  My dad had bought them for us to use in a photo shoot and they, too had been in our laundry room!

When I was planning this party, I didn’t want to try to have it inside because we were inviting a lot of people.  But I also didn’t think it would be fair to have an outside party, in Florida, in July, unless it was a water party!  Josh bought the materials for the Slip ‘N’ Slide (which he was more than happy to have an excuse to do!), and we pooled (get it???) our kiddie pools and sprinklers together and I think it turned out to be a nice little water park!


Of course there would be a water balloon war…


AND water piñatas!

And I had to have one archery game!


A few or our guests enjoying the park!  I don’t think I uploaded a picture of it, but we also borrowed 3 canopy tents so adults of little ones would have some shade while they were watching their kids.

The birthday boy!!!  Thanks to my dad for snagging pictures of people having fun!

Tori modeling our archery game!

I’m afraid the goal of the Seminole Wars became getting Bobby wet.

Water piñatas!!!

And at some point I realized we were supposed to give the birthday boy cake!

As you can see, he handled it like a boss.

It was such a blessed day and such a great reminder of the tribe of people that surrounds our family with love.  I wasn’t of the mind to get a group shot, but my parents, Josh’s parents and siblings, our nephews (including Maverick, who was born the day before Arrow’s birthday!), the Harrells, Jim and Lauren, Jay P, friends from church, friends from co-ops and play groups, were all there to celebrate with us.  (And I know there were plenty of people out of town that wanted to be there!)  THANK YOU to all of our people for taking the time to spend the day with us.  Arrow is so blessed to have you, and he doesn’t even know it yet!

And because I’m all about a trip down memory lane:

Ava’s First Birthday.  In which Lauren and Jim meet.  (Or met for the second time or something.  Close enough.)

Israel’s First Birthday.  In which we squeeze a baby dedication and party into the same day.  (Because we’re cray-cray.)

Egan’s First Birthday.  In which I finally ventured into the world of THEMES.  And also, pencil favors.

Also, if you’re interested in any of the decorations above, they are ALL spin-offs of things I found on Pinterest.  I’m not going to linky everything on here, but check out my party board if you want to find the links!


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