A Few Favorites

Well, hi there!  We’ve made it through hump day, and I thought I’d celebrate with a little writing!  However, I can’t bring myself to write anything deep, so I thought I’d cover a topic of utmost importance…some of my current favorite things!

~ The Best Fitting Panty.  I had not bought any new undies since, well, the last time I blogged about buying undies.  (And I have to insert here that I just took WAY TOO MUCH time trying to find that blog post and I CANNOT FIND IT.  But I know I wrote it!  It was titled something like “My Underwear Makes Me Feel Like A Super Hero” and I know it’s not just in my head because I remember several people speaking to me about it.  At least I think they did…)  (Edit::  Josh saved the day!  I don’t know why I didn’t find it.  It must have had a perception filter.)  (3,245 points if you caught the perception filter reference!)  And let’s just say that my special time of month/back-up when I’m behind on laundry panties were threatening to fall apart.  (In their defense, I bought them when I was a senior in high school, and they have served me well for 11 years!)  SO, the last time I was in Wal-Mart, which happened to be with all of my children on a day Josh was out of town and we were trying to accomplish All the Shopping for the month, I grabbed a pack of panties.

The brand of these panties?  “The Best Fitting Panties.”  That title was a little red flag to me, however the price was right and I didn’t see any Hanes around, so I snagged them.

Later, as I was taking them out of the pack to pre-wash them, I was looking at them thinking, “I just don’t think these are going to be that awesome.”


I don’t know what they did to these panties, but they really are The Best Fitting Panties!

~ Men’s Basketball Shorts.  On that same exhausting shopping trip, I decided to drag my children to the athletic section so I could quickly grab a pair of running shorts.  I somehow managed to lose two pairs of shorts over the summer, so I was down to one pair and I’ve actually been doing pretty good at exercising 2 or 3 times a week, so there was a need for another pair of shorts.

A quick look-over of the women’s exercise clothes revealed that there are two ways women dress to exercise right now: either very short shorts or skin tight pants (basically leggings, but I guess the fabric is a little thicker.)  Not only are there modesty issues there, but also…who wants their clothes to touch them when they exercise???

So I headed to the men’s department.

Now, I realize that there are other stores that probably carry exactly the kind of shorts that I wanted in the ladies’ department.  But that would involve going to other stores.

SO, I bought a pair of men’s basketball shorts.

And let me tell you.

These things are SO COMFORTABLE.  And they have pockets.

If cross-dressing is wrong, I don’t want to be right!

~A fun free font!  I’ve really been digging the Appleberry font lately.  It makes everything better.  You should try it!

~ The Piano Guys.  The older I get the more…mellow…my musical preferences are.  I love that these guys cover a wide variety, from pop to classical.  My personal favorite?  Their Lord of the Rings Medley!  It will  make you want to be a better person and go watch all 6 movies…all at the same time!  (But I wouldn’t mind a little more “Orc Music.”)

~ World Market’s White Chocolate Mocha Mix.  Unfortunately, ever since conceiving Arrow, hot coffee has not really been agreeable to me.  (You better believe I can consume some McDs iced coffee, though!)  For those mornings that I just really want to start out with something hot in a mug so I can feel like a real homeschool mom, this hot chocolate mix is just right.

~Special K Protein Shakes.  For pretty much all the other mornings.  I made a lot of breakfast smoothies last year…but what can I say, this year has been busy!

~ Downton Sixbey.  Pretty much everything Jimmy Fallon touches turns to funny, and in this drought between seasons of my favorite period shows, these videos are just right!

~ Staying off facebook.  I  had let facebook become a big part of my life, to the point where I felt like it wasn’t possible to get off.  I convinced myself that it would inconvenience others for me to not be on there, since that is how so many people communicate, send invitations, etc. these days.

Well, long story short, God finally had me look square in the face of the lies I had been telling myself.  And I signed off.  So now I’m on once a week to check notifications, and that’s it.

It’s like a caffeine addiction…it’s hard at first, but after a few days, you start to wonder what the big deal was.

And now I can focus on more important things.  Like reading.  And sleeping.  And getting my work done.  Oh, and Instagram and Pinterest.

It’s not like I’m trying to be a hero.


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