Halloween ’15 (Hey, that rhymes!)

First thing’s first – Gigi is doing MUCH better cognitively, praise God!!!  Thank you so much for all you prayers, and please, keep ’em coming.  She has two more radiation treatments, but beyond that, we’re not sure of the future for her medically.

I have had so many things I’ve wanted to write about and so little time, so I’m making myself take the time to pick one thing and just, you know, write about it.  I’ve picked Halloween because Gigi shared with me that she does not remember it, and I thought she would like to see some pictures!

The day before Halloween, Heather and her husband, Jeremy, shared one of their traditions with the family: pumpkin carving.  I chose to make myself useful by grabbing my camera to document the memories.  Which also conveniently kept me from having to handle pumpkin guts or sharp objects.  That’s a win/win.

Heather and Harlie working on a pumpkin.

Stacey was the only kid who attempted a pumpkin by herself.  It took a sweet forever, but she was diligent and prevailed!!

The batteries on this…whatever you call it…were dead, so Dana was a good sport and pushed Xander all around the yard to distract him from wanting sharp objects!

Arrow getting some Aunt Kristy time!

My newest nephew, Maverick, with Great Aunt Audie.  He is SO SURPRISED to have his picture taken!

My three guys working on a pumpkin together.   Egan had a small saw this close to other people’s hands and no one was injured…it’s a Halloween miracle!

Arrow was released to explore the finer things in life!

And of course he had some help making sure he got the full body pumpkin experience!

What, you want a picture of the finished pumpkins?  What do you think I am, a photographer??? 

The next day was Halloween.  I had brought costumes with us, because I really didn’t know if we’d have an opportunity to actually go to any festivals or Trick or Treating.  So I had the kids wear their costumes all day!  The boys loved it.  How did Ava feel about it?  Well, the boys loved it.

You know the only reason I even consider participating in Halloween is so that I can do a fun theme with the kids.  There were a sheep and a sheep dog.  There were Tinker Bell and Peter Pan.  There was my personal favorite, The Bug Collection.  There were the Kratt Brothers.  (Full disclosure, there was also a year like this one, where they were on their own and wore dress-up clothes and pajamas.)  I realized this year’s theme pretty early because something pretty epic happened for our kids this summer: they were introduced to Star Wars.  We decided IT WAS TIME and watched all 6 movies over the course of a few months.  Suffice to say, it’s all Star Wars, all the time at my house.  (Which, ironically, are the words my dad taught me to the theme song:  “It’s Star Wars, nothing but Star Wars, nothing but Star Wars, all of the time.”  Try it.  You’ll never hear the song the same again!)  SO, we let the kids be ANYTHING THEY WANTED…as long as it was a Star Wars character!

I also did something I never thought I would do…I bought costumes.  Homemade Star Wars costumes?  Ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat.  When I realized I could get them off Amazon inexpensively and not have to leave my house…I totally converted to the store bought costume!

We started our day back at Gigi’s house before heading back home for a few days.

First thing was first…

Hugged by a Storm Trooper!

Bribing the Jedi with the ball!

Before we left, I made the kids go ahead and take their Halloween pictures because I knew that I wouldn’t have time later.  Tori was the only one of The Girls game for putting on a costume early, so she joined the Star Wars party!

Group picture with their great grandmother, Mawmaw!

The two Jedi.  Arrow was supposed to be Yoda, but the head piece didn’t come with the rest of the costume.  Jedi Baby is fine!

Tori was a very impressive…Zombie Doll?

She did the make-up herself!

Can you tell Ava really relished the opportunity to NOT smile for pictures?

What a terrifying Storm Trooper!

Captain…somebody.  Storm Trooper/Clone related.

It was specified to me that this was during the Clone War so everyone was a good guy!

Last but not least, Jedi Baby!!!!!!

We did end up doing a little Trick or Treating with the Harrells that night…it was a nice end to a crazy and emotional week.

SO, if anyone wants to make us Dr. Who themed costumes for next year, you can go ahead and get started!



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