Top 15 [Pink Shutterbug] Photos of 2015

Last year I did a post on my favorite pictures of the year and I think it was a good exercise for me.  I was thinking this year was not that “big” of a year for photography, but the more I reflected on it, the more I realized this year had some distinctive qualities:

Newborns!  Between friends and new and old clients, this ended up being the year of the newborn!  I believe I did ten newborn shoots this year.  I’m sure that’s not a big number for a lot of photographers, but it was for me!

School Pictures  I was asked last school year to shoot the children’s pictures for the year book for our Classical Conversations campus, and for whatever reason they asked me back again.  It’s actually really great because I am partnered with an amazing lady that handles all of the organizational aspects, leaving me free to just shoot.  I wish I could take Angela with me to all my shoots!

The Lighthouse  I have found a “sweet spot,” both for photography and the renewal of my spirit.  I have come home with sand in my shoes and on the bottom of the camera bag many times this year!

SO, I have done my best to select 15 of my favorite photos of the year.  Most of these are for clients but a few are personal.  They are not in any particular order.


One of my clients always puts together an amazing styled shoot for her family for Valentines Day.  Valentines is her anniversary and birthday, so she pulls out all the stops.  Really, this glitter was just the icing on the cake!


I started to get interested in nursing photography when I started to see some amazing classy breastfeeding pictures taken by other photographers.  Fortunately, my friend Steffany is the same kind of crazy as me and was up to a Mommy and Me shoot!  And I’ve had the opportunity to do some nursing shots for some other ladies since then, too!


My friend Stephanie had her first baby this year, and although I don’t live close enough to her to do all their photos (although I’d love to!), I had the honor of doing her maternity.  The back light and the tall brown grass here?!  I was freaking out just a little bit!


I shot this little guy’s sister’s newborn pictures four years ago in the same house, and we tried to recreate a lot of poses.  It was fun recreating, but it was also fun applying everything I’ve learned since then.


One of my favorite things about newborn shoots is capturing the connection between mother and baby, and of course it’s even more special when it’s a family that I’m close to!


They aren’t photos that bring about warm fuzzy feelings, and it’s not the photo shoot that I would ever want to have to do, but I had the honor of taking some photographs to remember my best friend’s son.  I just can’t leave Asher off this list because he is a significant little guy.  You can read more of his story


I had never shot a senior shoot up until this point, and it’s something I’ve always wanted to do!  This guy totally surprised me; he came with multiple outfits and lots of inspiration!  I also got to try out a spot I had been wanting to shoot at for a long time!


I love the composition of this shot so much!  (Taken against the lighthouse, of course!)


This little lady was a pioneer for me – my first newborn to pose on an elephant!


When you’re having a tough time getting the 3 year old in the mood for pictures, it’s nice to see a dandelion nearby!


I just can’t handle the cute!


Always an honor to shoot for another homeschool family.  Especially at the lighthouse.  Especially when they have such amazing hair!


Lighthouse again with a dear friend.  We were in the water on Halloween.  I guess I can only speak for myself…but Totally. Worth. It.


This has got to be my favorite sibling pose in the history of ever.  And kudos to this little guy for letting me lay a naked baby on his face!


We got a lot of special pictures of Gigi on Thanksgiving, but as a photographer, this one is my favorite.

Well, there you have it, the Pink Shutterbug 2015 in a nut shell!

Oh, and Happy New Year!


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