That Leap.

Alternatively Titled…The Secret I’ve Been Keeping from Myself

I think it’s about time for the blog posts to be…about less epic things.  I’m really ready to be blogging about the kids’ extracurricular choices and what dark chocolate I’ve been trying lately and the Sherlock Special.  (“Well, Kara, maybe if you blogged more than once a month, you could do that.”  Duly noted.  But I really don’t see how that’s related.)

So here’s a little back-story to my story:

A) When Josh and I (and Ava) moved to this area, it was never thought to be where we planned to live the rest of our days.  We moved here because Josh really, really needed a better paying job, and there happened to be a job here.

B) For years, Josh and I have dreamed of going somewhere else.  Although we have talked about a number of places, there are probably about three parts of the country that we gravitate towards.  Probably #1 on our list has always been the greater Atlanta area.

C) Josh has gotten a lot of calls/e-mails from job head hunters over the past five or so years, and many of them have been for jobs in the greater Atlanta area.  However, his job and our lives here are good enough that he’s never applied for any of them.  We were in a good place and could afford to be picky.

D) My brother-in-law has been talking to Josh about joining him at his company for over a year.  When we signed a new lease on our house last summer, we made it month-to-month just in case something came of this.  However, we had a lot going on with family that seemed more pressing and I didn’t worry too much about a job that was still hypothetical.

E) IN THE MEANTIME, we have built lives here.  On what was meant to be temporary ground, we have had three more children.  We have made the transition to becoming a homeschooling family and are a part of what I’m convinced is the best homeschool community in the world.  We’ve invested in a church adventure for seven years.  Josh has developed his developing skills (ha!), and I have learned how to shoot a camera and have a group of people who want to be on the other side of my lens.  Life is what has happened while we were making other plans.*

So I guess the back story is pretty much the story.  The time has come for us to relocate our family to an area that we have been talking/dreaming about for a while, and I’m having a hard time finding the joy in it because I kind of love it here now and moving a family of 6 is hard, dag nab it!  AND, luckily for my readers, although Josh starts his new job February 1st, we are not moving the family until the end of the school year.  Which will allow for plenty of time for me to go through all sorts of 30ish Year Old Moving Angst before it’s all been said and done.  Like the slow removal of a bandage, God’s going to be peeling back everything I let my heart hide behind and reveal the ugliness for what it is.  And you get to be along for the ride!  You lucky thing, you!

So this is it.  2016 will be the year we take That Leap.

I might need you to hold my hand.


*Paraphrase of Saunders/John Lennon quote – lest you think it came from my own brain!


2 thoughts on “That Leap.

  1. We will miss you and have missed you since I haven’t gotten to see you often but we can keep in touch through Facebook and your blog. The world is wide and God always guides and walks with you when you are within His will.

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