Virtual Tour of My Favorite Place!

The problem with blogging so rarely is I have so much that I want to write about that I don’t know what to pick.  So maybe I should just PICK SOMETHING ALREADY!

A few weeks ago, we invited Dana and Nichole to come visit us.  (Nichole is a cousin who has graciously been staying with The Girls and helped them with this transition.)  Since we don’t get them down here often and it was a quiet weekend, I decided we needed to do All The Things that make our little corner of Florida special!  Of course, at the top of the list, was The Lighthouse.

Not everyone understands why I love The Lighthouse so much.  That is OK.  You can support my kind of crazy without understanding it.

I was first introduced to The Lighthouse in 2012.  However, this past year has really intensified my love of it.  It is a beautiful place I can go to renew my spirit.  Most lighthouses have some sort of commercial/tourist twist, but not this one.  It’s just the way it was left.

The kids and I have gotten to know The Lighthouse and the surrounding nature pretty well over the past year.  Thanks to a few field trips, the boys can name the species of butterfly and occasionally the birds that they encounter.  We can identify horse mint and prickly pear cactus and the milkweed that the Monarchs congregate on in October.  Oh, and the gators.  But those are pretty easy to identify.

We were very fortunate on our most recent adventure because there was a lot of wildlife.  It was a warmer day after a series of cold ones, and I suppose the animals were enjoying the sunshine just as much as we were.  Also, I rarely bring my camera there (unless, of course, I’m doing an official shoot,) since I have a non-walking baby and half the time we end up in the ocean.  However, this time, I had plenty of people to help with Arrow, so I splurged and documented our excursion with my real camera instead of taking the poor quality cell phone pictures I’m usually uploading to Instagram.

Although, I am NOT a nature photographer by trade.  Just keep that in mind throughout the next few minutes and show some grace, s’il vous plait.

SO, come along with me – I will give you a little virtual tour of my favorite place! Come on in, the water’s fine!  (Well, actually, it’s cold this time of year.  But worth it.)

There were ducks all over the place that day!

We started out at the levee, about half a mile from The Lighthouse. 

Talk about walking on egg shells, I mean, oyster shells!

Let’s keep walking, shall we?  (Sorry about the cheesy foot pictures, I promise this is the last one.  I may have possibly bought these shoes for the specific purpose of hiking at The Lighthouse.  And check out the awesome tribal print leggings my mom got me for Christmas!)

We saw this guy on our travels (yikes!)

And this guy!

Josh said this is their album cover!

And we’re finally to the actual Lighthouse!

It may have been January, but these chicks could not resist the call of the ocean!  (It was a little nippy, though – those high steps aren’t staged!)

And of course my children are good Floridians that don’t have nerve endings in their feet!  I love this picture!

Well, that’s that!

Except for this guy, who said, “Don’t let the marsh hit you on your way out!”


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