Linker Kid Update

After a period of family crisis/big decisions, it has come to my attention that I have not taken the time to blog about my own children.  Sometimes, I just need to write a quick update on each one.  This is one of those times.

The weather was amazing today and we had a spare hour, so I forced, I mean encouraged, the kids to get some updated portraits.  All the stars aligned and I’m delighted with our pictures!  I think the key is I let them keep their T-shirts on.  If I had taken the time to make them put on nice clothes, they would have gotten cranky and it would have all been for naught.

So, here we go, in height order:


Ava  is officially a tween.  She is tall.  I mean seriously tall.  She only has about 4 inches to go to be as tall as me, and we wear the same shoe size.  (Did you know that a child’s size 5 is the same as a ladies’ size 7?  Now you do.)

Ava gets an occasional case of Tween Angst and it’s enough to make us want to take to drinking.  Fortunately, her bouts of Life-Is-Totally-Unfair-And-I-Don’t-Understand-Why-I-Can’t-Be-My-Own-Boss are pretty infrequent right now.  The rest of the time, she is a semi-rational person who is an excellent big sister.  She has taken on a lot of responsibility around the house, and I feel sorry for anyone who has a baby but doesn’t have a 9 year old.  (Although I did it thrice, so I have served my time.)

After 2 and a half years of total devotion to gymnastics, Ava has given it up (there’s only so much a very tall person can do in that field, I am told.)  However, she is now training at the karate dojo with Israel three times a week.  She also is going to try baseball this spring for the first time.  (NOT softball.  She is very passionate about NOT doing softball.)  She also enjoyed an archery course in the fall, and received a bow (with some arrows!) for Christmas.

Ava is doing excellent with her schoolwork; I’d say that she is working 85% independently now.  She is a voracious reader and I’m just trying to sneak in as much good literature as I can.  (This is another blog post in itself.)

She loves Star Wars and seems to prefer to company of boys because they understand light sabers.  She turned a corner over the course of the year; after spending years begging me for a sister, she is now asking me for more brothers!  Although I might not be able to control THAT, I am comforted that she has accepted her fate as the lone female sibling.


Israel is still the thoughtful, artistic type, with a good bit of Star Wars thrown in for good measure!  As he is a first grader, he got to choose his own extracurricular activity this year.  He chose karate, and is now a yellow belt.  Some day I will write a blog post about how cool it has been to see him arrive at an activity by himself.

Israel is doing well in school.  First grade with him is interesting because I also taught Ava first grade.  It is fun to see how he is different from her, but still capable of so much!  He has reached several of the goals I have for him for this year already.  Although I wouldn’t put him in the “voracious reader” category, he is a good reader, and I’m trying to develop a love for reading in him without pushing him away.

Israel makes friends easily and seems equally comfortable hanging out with both genders.  I love watching how naturally he interacts with his peers; I wish I felt that natural!


Egan has always been a game changer for me.  He has so much more energy than anyone else…and his ears just DON’T WORK.  Although I rarely think he’s trying to be defiant, he really just does not listen.  Not too long ago, I told him, “You’re an amazing boy and I think God has big plans for you…and I want you to live so they can happen so you have to START LISTENING TO ME!”

(And don’t misinterpret that as a threat.  I really am concerned for his personal safety because of his difficulty in listening and obeying.)

Of course, he is also the funniest little guy.  He doesn’t know a stranger and he doesn’t do anything halfway.

He’s in PreK now…but bringing him home for kindergarten sure will be fun.  Or at least different.


This guy is still the sweetest baby.  He is now 19 months old…and still not walking.  There’s nothing wrong with him…he’s just taking his time!  In fact, when I took him out to take these pictures, he started standing without assistance for the first time.  Maybe he was just waiting for a camera?

Arrow is a LIGHT sleeper.  He typically only naps in the car, and he ends up in my bed halfway through the night.  He is a big cuddle bug, and since he’s not walking, still gets carried around a lot.  Not many people get to see his personality since he’s shy, but he can get so tickled.  He loves shoes and socks and thinks they’re so funny when we put them on.  He says his sibling names, “hi” and “bye,” “cracker” (his favorite food!), “kit-TY” when he sees a cat, “dog” on occasion, and he emulates a lot of sounds.

I sure love that little dude, even if I haven’t had a full night’s sleep in 6 months.

He’s lucky he’s cute.


My church is in a 40 Days of Prayer Campaign, and as a part of that my pastor is writing a devotional a day for 40 days.  I had the honor of doing a guest post for him on Day 28!  You can check it out here…and you should check out his other posts, as well!


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