Into the Woods…for a Baby Shower!

I’m going to get another nephew!!!  My years of waiting to be an official Aunt have recently paid off with not one, but THREE nephews!  (For those of you keeping score at home, I am still waiting for some nieces to be added to that number!)

Josh’s beautiful sister, Heather, is expecting her first baby in a few short weeks.  Losing her mom in the middle of her pregnancy was, of course, devestating.  I know this is not the road that she was expecting her first pregnancy to take.  Although we can’t replace Glenda, Josh’s other sister, Kristy, and I put our heads together to try to figure out what we could do to remind Heather and her husband Jeremy that their baby is precious and they still have extended family to support them as their immediate family grows.

We ended up throwing a baby shower!  Kristy opened up her beautiful home for the shower and provided food, and I developed the theme and decorations.  I most definitely got the good end of the deal!  (You may be reading this and say, “Hey, when I threw a shower with Kara, I had to do The Food, too!”  I guess it’s time to be forthwith.  I’m not good at The Food.)

And here is my disclaimer before I launch into the pictures.  Lest you think that I possess creativity, let me explain my shower planning process:  I spend about 30 minutes on Pinterest, entering my theme into the search bar.  I pin the things I like.  I do the pins that I like.  No, seriously, it is a tried and true process for me.  Here is a link to my Pinterest board for this shower.  It was a secret board so that Heather wouldn’t see it until a few minutes ago.  Did you know you can have secret boards??

I tell you this so that A) You won’t try to put me on any kind of pedal stool of creativity, and B) In case you struggle in the creativity department as I do.  There is hope!  There is Pinterest!  You, too, can steal, I mean borrow, the ideas of others and throw a very nice looking shower!

OK.  NOW I can show you the pictures.


We chose a woodland animal theme because that is the theme of their nursery and I am all about making decorations that can be reused!

I had to use their last name for the focal point because it has taken them so long to choose a name for their baby boy!  Good thing they have a cool last name!

Our favor table!

Kristy had this gorgeous owl jar that was perfect.  I made bird seed ornaments using this tutorial.

They shed a lot and liked to break, but enough of them pulled through for us to have some favors!

S’MORE fun it is!

I’ve always wanted to do one of those.

I DID NOT make this sweet woodland animal garland, but purchased it here.  I’m letting you know because it is completely adorable and I kind of wished I had purchased myself one.  Not that I have a place to put it.

The dessert table!  I took advantage of some free printables for the garland and the framed animals.

Kristy put together some magnificent owl cupcakes…

…toadstool sugar cookies…

…and a chocolate platter, complete with chocolate bark.  Which I made sure to consume.

We decorated our drinks with more free printables…and how cool are these birch print straws?

And somehow Amazon knew that I needed disposable wooden plates and utensils.  No, I had no idea there was such a thing before we started planning.  Amazon is a wonder.

Instead of a guest book, we did a thumbprint tree for baby’s nursery!

And a blessing tree!

I’m so glad we had a chance to celebrate this new little guy.  I can’t wait to meet him!


2 thoughts on “Into the Woods…for a Baby Shower!

  1. Just wanted to let you know, it was WONDERFUL! Thank you guys SO much for being there through all of our crazy!! Please know how much we both appreciated it!! It was beautiful and perfect in every way! ❤

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