May Memories!

So before I start waxing poetic on our new life in a new state, I need to share about some recent memories before they are gone from my head forever!  This was the busiest semester that we have had yet, and I need you to appreciate why I am so tired!  Here is a non-comprehensive list of the events from the last month…

~ The Finishing Well Ceremony

Although Classical Conversations wraps up in April, this year our rewards ceremony was in May.  This is significant because we had not one, but two Memory Masters this year!!!  Ava completed her third year of being a Memory Master (which means that she has done each of the 3 cycles!), and it was Israel’s first year!  I am so proud of these kiddos…and I gotta say that must have pretty awesome parents to help them through the process!

(If you don’t know what Memory Masters is…the kids are able at the end of the year to recite all of the memory work from the past year…24 weeks of information in the subjects of Latin, History, Timeline, English Grammar, Science, Math, and Geography.  Trust me, it’s a WHOLE LOTTA information!)

~ Asher’s Birthday

It has been a year since Asher was born and the Harrells allowed us to be a part of the day.  They released a lantern in his memory.  Bobby and Cynthia are now expecting another sweet baby, and I know they appreciate prayers as this is an exciting yet scary path for them!

~ Epic Birthday Weekend!

As mentioned in the last post, I turned 30 this year and my request was, “Please, no big party.”  That’s just a lot of work for someone to prepare for me being very socially awkward.  Instead, Jackie drove up and Tiff flew down and joined Cynthia and I for a girls weekend.  We had the nicest time, and it was so nice to only be socially awkward with the ladies who love me despite myself.  I didn’t bring my real camera, but of course there are plenty of pictures on Instagram!

~ School Year Wrap-Up

Not gonna lie, I was a wee bit anxious about finishing up our school year on time!  But we made check lists and hunkered down and got her done!  Along with wrapping up their normal curriculum, the kids each wrote a research paper and did a project.  I know, I’m a little bit crazy to have them writing research papers (complete with note cards and a works cited page.)  But I have come to a place where I am OK with my crazy and I hope you can arrive there, too.

For the kids projects this time, I said “NO DIORAMAS.”  All they ever do is dioramas and I wanted them to try something new.

Ava opted for a model volcano.

Israel chose to make a lego model of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

They both suspiciously look like dioramas.

~Egan Graduated from PreK!!!

Anyone who knows Egan understands why we are a little relieved that he at least survived to his PreK graduation.

This was a very, very bittersweet year for us as we know that he’s our last child to go through Little Lambs Preschool.  We have had a child there for the past 6 years, and the school has been such a blessing to our family.

It does help a little, tiny bit to know that Ms. Kim, the wonderful lady who has taught all three of my kiddos, will also not be returning to Little Lambs.  She has the opportunity to be the headmaster of a school, and she’s going to do great!

The graduation ceremony was as adorable as ever!  (Just like Israel’s was before that and Ava’s was before THAT!)

Aurora is also a Little Lambs alumni!

Us and our grad!  I would post a family photo, but Ava’s efforts at a smile were a little terrifying that night!

~ Baseball

We had our first experience with team sports this year as Ava played baseball with little league.  She was NOT interested in softball, so she was the only girl on her team!  She really enjoyed herself and it was so nice to see her develop a passion for it.

But I gotta confess that I am a TERRIBLE sports mom!  All the spontaneity required to participate in a team sport did NOT work well for me.  If we do this again (and I know she wants to!) I will have to be PRAYED UP, because you know what’s not cool?  Getting a text at lunch time to announce a practice in six hours.  **Shudder**

~ Good-bye to the Dojo

Israel tried out karate in the fall.  Not only did he love it, but Ava decided to leave her beloved gymnastics to give karate a try!  I totally counted our 3 trips a week to the dojo as our PE!  The big kids excelled and were highly complimented by the sensei.  Egan joined the Little Dragons class, and even with that much structure the struggle was real for him.  He had to bring Sensei Burke a letter apologizing for his behavior once and probably should have many more times.

Since I didn’t pay to have their “karate pictures” done, I snagged some shots while we were at one of their last classes.

(Don’t tell her I’m even talking about this, but that is the best photo smile I’ve gotten from her in a possibly a year!!!)

So proud of how hard this guy works in karate!

Accurate depiction!

Even with all the moving craziness, I’m so thankful that we were able to have a well-rounded ending to our school year!





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