Summer Catch-Up

Well, all that time I thought I would have for blogging?

I don’t even know.

Truth be told, our summer has been full of company and travels, and hasn’t been the relaxed, boring post-move summer I was expecting at all.   I told Josh when our last company (for a while) pulled out yesterday, that it was the same feeling you get after having a new baby.  When you first have a new baby, there’s this honeymoon period where people are bringing you meals, and family members come and stay to be  helpful, and friends are volunteering to babysit your older kiddos.  But there comes a day when all that is over and you have to figure out your new life on your own.  It’s both a good and scary feeling.  It seems to be that yesterday was the end of our honeymoon period in our new house; up until this point, we have almost constantly been spending time with friends and family who have come to visit (or be babysat,) that we really have had no need to meet new people here.  But now I have that good and scary feeling that it is time to get out and start meeting people here and build actual lives.

Eh, or maybe next week.  You know, why rush this thing?

So here’s a few things that have kept us busy this summer:

  • Aunt Camp.  Kristy is getting married in just a few weeks, so I’ve had more opportunities than usual since our move to hang out with Xander and Maverick while she prepares.  My kids have been super accommodating for the changes that occur in our family when this happens because we’ve discovered that three toddlers are a lot harder than one!  So parents of multiple children 2 (or 3!) and under – I SALUTE YOU!  I know I’ve done it before, but truth be told (and let this be an encouragement to you!) the brain, after awhile, will forget how hard that season is!   We’re so glad we live close enough to the nephews now to really be involved in their lives and give their sweet mama a break sometimes – now I am reminded of how much she needs it!
  • Big Kids’ Camp!  We have also had the opportunity to host the Wallers at our house for a few days while Alesha went to a training, and Aurora and Stacey this past week!  I have waxed poetic about how much I love summer time before, and when I have other peoples’ children over is when I am at my best!  (A little accountability goes a long way!)  We’ve gone hiking and played in the lake and visited a few local parks and found Dory and dressed like cows to get free chicken and gone to the community pool.  There have also been some less glamorous moments, like when our air conditioner was out for a few days and it was a little bit more like camp then we had bargained for.
  • CAMP Camp.  I’m talking about the camp we go to every year that I have the privilege of writing curriculum for.  This we a very special year at camp for 2 reasons:  1) There was room at camp for me and the boys to have a cabin and stay at camp the whole time, and 2) Tiff’s family happened to be in Florida for a month, so Isabel got to go to camp with us!!!  (Super fun fact:  Her sister, Gwiny, went to camp with us at the exact same age!  It’s a Miller Girl rite of passage!)  We ended up making it a big road trip for me and the kids and we were gone 8 days total.  In addition to doing camp, we got to spend a little time with Tiff and her girls!
  • Company Who Did Not Camp.  My parents came up the weekend of our 11th anniversary so that we could have a date!  The Ludes spent the night with us on their way back from vacation, and the Greshams came by to see us on THEIR way back from vacation so we could meet their new baby and take a few pictures!
  • (A perk to being close to Atlanta:  everyone ends up near Atlanta at some point during the year!)  Josh’s sisters have come by several times and let me feed them.  Finally, the Harrells got to come see our new digs this past weekend.  We are so thankful to have seen so many friends and family this summer!
  • Unpacking and Painting.  So, whenever we have had a break in company, we’ve been working on making the new house a home!  We pretty much decided to paint everything possible white.  I like things light and bright so this seems to be the most reasonable and inexpensive course of action.  Josh made A LOT of progress while we were away at camp, so the house has come a long way!  I finally got the school room unpacked this week, so now I can finally plan for the next school year.  Which is just around the corner!
  • The Church Hunt.  This deserves its own blog post, but we have been to 5 different churches that are close by and now we are prayerfully considering which ones we would like to repeat.  This is really the first time we have had to LOOK for a church, so we are taking the process very seriously.
  • VBS.  The kids have gone to two VBSs this year – none of which I had to direct!  I’m so thankful to have had this option this summer to help them get out of the house and give me a little break, as well!

OK, that sounds like a lot, so to keep things real, here are some things I am NOT doing well this summer.

  • School.  We haven’t lifted a pencil this summer.  I had intentions of working with Isreal on his math and with Egan on his handwriting, but we haven’t done nary a thing.  We really haven’t even done that great with summer reading.  I’ve decided to just not worry about it this year.  I’m letting summer break be an actual break and then we will come back refreshed.  Right?  Right???
  • Foot Care **Gross subject alert**  OK, so every summer for the past four years I’ve had this problem, and it’s time to come out and talk about it.  At some point during the summer (usually at camp), I will develop some kind of Athlete’s Foot/yeast/fungus/whatever between my toes.  When this happens, my foot swells up like a balloon and I’m pretty much useless for a few days.  I look terrible hobbling around and of course everyone wants to know what’s wrong with me.  Apparently it’s not a normal thing for this to happen, so now I have to ask: What IS wrong with me??  Does anyone have any insight into why I appear to be allergic to a relatively common foot fungus?  Natural remedy people, this is your time to shine!  Give me some answers!
  • Taking Pictures.  The pictures to this post are sparse because I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve gotten my camera out since I moved.  Of course there’s plenty to see over on Instagram!

2 thoughts on “Summer Catch-Up

  1. It happened to me every year as a kid, the fungus I mean. Try apple cider vinegar. Either apply it directly or dilute it in water and soak your feet in it. I’m glad you moved closer! I can’t wait to see you again. I need to join a Linker hike sometime.

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