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I actually wrote this post a while back, but never got up the gumption to finish it off.  When I saw that there is a “Friday Favorites” blog link-up, I figured that was the time to finish off the post!  So here are a few of my current favorite things:

  • Real Butter.  I grew up eating/cooking with margarine, so when we got married that’s what I naturally used.  I know along the way there have been debates about which is healthier, butter or margarine, but I just stuck with the partly hydrogenated oils and didn’t worry about it.  More recently, when I was in a quest to be a little more natural, I gave butter a whirl.Oh. my. goodness.  I have no idea if it is healthier, but if butter is wrong, I don’t want to be right.  And if regular, plain ol’ butter was not good enough, Land O Lakes came out with a spreadable butter with olive oil and sea salt.  I could make bread to just have an excuse to eat this stuff.  Get thee to the grocery store and purchase yourself some right now!
  • The Cup Song.  I became obsessed with “The Cup Song” about a year ago when Josh and I watched Pitch Perfect.  (Hey, it takes time to keep up with pop culture.  It’s our practice to not see an original movie until there’s a sequel or two.)  It just so happened that I was introduced to the song right as I was beginning to plan for teaching my first music theory class, and using rhythm for something so fun piqued my interest.  Although I’m sad to say I did not get to use “The Cup Song” with my music class, I DID download it and, thanks to my kids requesting it every time we get in the car, have got to listen to it A LOT.  It sort of became our theme song as we were moving and the lyrics apply well to that situation.  I totally cranked it up when I was pulling out of my driveway following the UHaul.
  • HOWEVER, I didn’t actually know how to play the cups.  (Or I guess I should say cup.)  That’s a part of my youth I somehow missed.  (I can’t complain, as I did spend plenty of time as a teenager on youth trips playing Phase 10 and Spoons.)  I have spent the past year listening to the song and enjoying it, but not without a bit of sadness that I could not create the rhythm myself.

    AND THEN Stacey, who is 13 and of prime age for playing the cup[s], stayed at our house.  And I thought it was perfectly sensible to hold her for ransom until she taught me the art.  As it turns out, Cynthia can also play the cup[s] and I had no idea – so my lesson could have come much sooner!  I’m 30 now and have birthed 4 children so it is harder for me to learn new things, but under the patient tutelage of my peeps, I finally can do it!  I would post the video that Bobby made but that would require some kind of technological knowledge; I might be able to play the cup[s] now, but let’s not get too hasty with my abilities.

    Edit:  I have now discovered that playing the cups works beautifully with the Usher song “Yeah.”  Which is very useful information to you, I’m sure!

  • Iced Coffee.  If you follow me on Instagram, you’re probably like, “I get it, you like iced coffee, enough already!”  What can I say?  Two years ago, I went through a smoothie phase.  Last year was a protein shake phase.  This is The Year of the Iced Coffee.  (Please do not point out to me that my phases are getting progressively less healthy.  Life is hard, man.)
  • Turquoise.  I’m decorating my house with it and I’ve dyed my hair with it.  I think it’s safe to say it’s my current color.  I think the fam might be a one more picture frame away from a turquoise intervention.

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