Because Apparently in Georgia, We Say “Whalecome*”

Well, you do the math.  I moved away from Tallahassee in May.  My bestie is due to have a baby at the end of the November.

Yes, this was not very convenient timing.

Is anything ever, really?

So these circumstances led to a first for me: planning a baby shower from a distance.

There was no way I was going to miss out on planning this shower for Cynthia.  This baby has been anticipated and prayed for and his family has weathered quite a few storms to get to this point.  But I’m saving that blog post for when I can post his sweet face on the blog.  For now, the shower.

Anyway, this shower was a big deal to be able to do and I wanted to do it right.  But I was facing a few limitations.  First of all, I no longer had a home in Tallahassee at which to host a shower.  Second-ly, there was no way I was going to be able to do the food for this shower, as I would be limited by both time and geography.  Of course, anyone who has been reading the blog for very long knows I do not care to “do the food,” but this time, I really think I honestly can say I could not “do the food.”  Third-ly, I needed a location that would provide me with the space and the food but would also NOT break the bank.

I thought I had found inspiration when I remembered a local coffee shop owned by a Christian homeschooling family.  I remembered that they provided a service called the “Just Show Up” party.  You would pick a theme and give them basic parameters, and they would decorate and provide the food and you would literally just show up…for a very reasonable price!

And then I looked on the internets…and found out that they were closed for business.

I was then talking to a friend and mentioned I was thinking about a frozen yogurt place that had a nice party room, and she said, “Ummmm…they’re closed.”

And then I was talking to another friend who suggested a location, and when I looked up their information…they were closed for business.

It was getting weird fast.  So then I kind of panicked and emailed every business in Tallahassee.  I knew the odds of finding a place within my budget were low, but ye have not because ye ask not.

So, long story short, I ended up hosting the baby shower in the party room of Lofty Pursuits, a fun, quirky, vintage ice cream parlor and diner in the heart of Tallahassee.  Lofty Pursuits had just moved to a new location, and because I was one of the first parties at the new venue, the owner gave us the room for free in exchange for being their “guinea pigs.”  And also, they catered the shower to my budget.  Which is pretty fantastic considering some of the catering quotes I was getting from other venders!

So, before I forget to make my little plug of thanks for Lofty Pursuits, they did a great job with this baby shower!  They were completely open for whatever I wanted to do for decorations, the party room is of ample size, the catering was good, and the staff was accommodating.  The one thing that they ask if you host a party there is that you purchase ice cream, and really, what group of ladies would not want ice cream?!  And, honestly, their normal cost for the party room is extremely reasonable.  (Trust me, I looked into a few party rooms!)

ANYWAY, not long after I found the location for the shower, the Harrells, who like to make life interesting, threw another curve ball: Bobby was taking a new job, and they were moving….two days after the baby shower!  So this turned out to be an extremely busy weekend for everybody!  In fact, Josh came down to Tallahassee to help them load their moving truck, but we didn’t even see each other because I had already scheduled a day full of mini-shoots before we found out they were moving!

Yes, when I make plans a month ahead of time, I think I have super-human strength.  Then when I arrive to the actual event, I realize that I’m a 30 year old mom of 4 who doesn’t get nearly enough sleep, nutrition, or exercise.  Maybe 14 mini-shoots and hosting a baby shower and making the 6 hour drive home afterwards was a little much to plan for one weekend.

But think of all the gas money I saved!

Anyway, back to the shower.  Fortunately, Lofty Pursuits allowed me to come in at the crack of dawn to decorate for the shower before all the other exciting events of the day.  Also fortunately, Mary An showed up to help me decorate.  If she had not come, nothing would be centered or symmetrical.

As far as planning for the decorations goes, I had to plan for very versatile decorations because I did not see the room ahead of time.  The Harrells have a whale theme for their nursery, and therefore we had a whale themed nursery because I am all about using decorations that can be recycled!  Of course, none of these ideas are actually my own, and here is a linky to my Whale Baby Shower pin board in case you ever need it!  Annnnnnnd here is what we ended up with…

The funny thing is, I really didn’t think of the pronunciation of “whalecome…”  I was just looking for a play on words incorporating whales.  But once you’ve heard someone pronounce this word with a southern twang, you can’t un-hear it!  I guess it’s fitting that I moved to Georgia and came back saying “whalecome!”

The canvas is most definitely an Etsy purchase.  I’m all about making things myself, except for when I don’t!

The beautiful cake was made by a friend from our church in Tallahassee.

Incredible!  She really has a gift!

The labels for the favors were my other Etsy purchase.  Cut out labels to fit hand sanitizer bottles?!  I will gladly pass that task on!

Because I didn’t know how many tables there would be, I opted for making a bunch of small things to be sat out on tables instead of big centerpieces.  There were these tiny diaper cakes…

…and quote cards that can later be used as thank you notes.

I was not very good at taking pictures at the actual party because I was also supposed to be hosting and socializing.  But we had such a great time with our old “Moms’ Group” and homeschool co-op friends.  It was the last time most of the ladies would be seeing Cynthia before her move and I know it was bittersweet for everyone.

There was food…

…and presents…

…and instead of games I sat out some “adult coloring pages” so that we could just hang out and visit while we colored.  Whale themed so that they can later be hung in Pax’s nursery, of course!

So there might have been a joke or 15 made about the “adult” coloring pages.  But that’s what they’re called, dude!

It was such a fun evening of friends and food and little baby onesies!  I am so thankful for a friendship that transcends geography and am looking forward to meeting Pax in the near future.

But this timing, with both of us moving in opposite directions right before his birth?

Yeah, it’s not good.


*Actually, no.  You know what this part of Georgia seems to be missing?  Deep Southern Accents.



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