Halloween ’16

Still rhymes!

I’m even more behind than usual on blogging Halloween.  The truth is, every holiday that we have this year is going to make us squarely face The Gap, and that is not always pleasant.  I can’t think about this year’s Halloween without thinking about last year’s.

Having said that, this is our first year in our new home, and I need to be able to remember a year of new (and old) traditions in a new place.

This was our first Halloween that we were able to stay HOME.  In the past we have always driven to either a Fall Festival or my pastor’s neighborhood or a friend’s party to wear costumes and get candy.  We now live in a neighborhood that encourages Trick or Treating, so we decided to give it a go!  Although I don’t care for the scary, icky parts of Halloween (is real life not scary and icky enough???), I did want to take the opportunity to meet some new neighbors and show hospitality.

So we first needed an inviting front door!

IMG_7980 copy

So, October was progressing and we had no (zilch, nada) fall decorations and I figured it wouldn’t happen.  And then, one day at CC I realized that there was a pile of hay bales at the church that had been left over from their Fall Festival.  I texted the pastor’s wife to see if they were available, and she gave me the go ahead to take one.  I wrestled one to my car, secured it in the cargo area, and slammed the back door thinking with pride how stealthy I had been getting that hay bale.  Which is when I realized that my clothes were covered in hay, and I had left a trail of hay right to my car.

And that was the moment I abandoned the hope of a life of crime.


So we have a tradition of painting our pumpkins that I believe started when Ava was 4.  I wasn’t sure if we would get to it this year, but on the afternoon of OCTOBER THIRTY-FIRST, we had a pumpkin painting party!  Pumpkin credit for the small pumpkins from left to right: Egan, Ava, Israel.  CLEARLY, they missed the memo that A) Mama doesn’t like the ick and B) Our Halloween pumpkins also double as Thanksgiving pumpkins, which is a completely inappropriate time for the ick.  SO, these three pumpkins will NOT be around come Thanksgiving.  I was going to decoupage book pages onto them, but at this point I think seeing how far we can chunk them into the woods is more likely.

The big pumpkin on the left is my creation and the right is Israel’s under, ahem, a little more supervision.

IMG_7978 copy

I was hoping to do coffee and hot chocolate, but I didn’t have time to get the supplies together, and that was probably good because it was pretty warm!  But I did sit out a cooler of water bottles, which were received even better than expected!

IMG_7994 copy

And let’s not forget the bell of the ball!  Carving pumpkins is a newer tradition for us; last year was the first time.  When Josh got off work ON OCTOBER THIRTY-FIRST I handed him a free internet pattern and asked him if he could whip up this beauty…and he did.  Needless to say, the Tardis afire was my favorite part!

Oh, except for the kids…

IMG_7989 copy

Here they are with our sweet neighbors about to head off for a Trick or Treating adventure!

Clearly, we did not have a family theme for Halloween this year…I simply ran out of time and gave up.  Ava is wearing a…I think it is a Ravenclaw robe.  Israel is a park ranger.  He made his costume himself, down to safety pinning buttons onto his shirt.  (In retrospect, we probably could have found him a button-down shirt…)  The Olaf costume I picked up after Halloween on clearance last year for like a dollar.  And Egan had had his heart set on the Blue Ninja costume at the grocery store for a month, so he was the happiest boy in the world when I brought it home a few days before Halloween.

We are blessed to have a few boys (and a sweet girl) two doors down to join us for these types of adventures!  And I may have possibly texted their sweet mama today to ask for permission to post this picture because, as it turns out, it’s the only picture I took of the kids in their costumes with my real camera.

The words you are looking for are STELLAR PARENTING.

It was a nice little holiday.  Since we stayed in our own neighborhood, we were able to eat an early dinner at home.  Josh and other brave adults took the kids Trick or Treating while I cleaned the kitchen and passed out candy to all the ghouls and princesses that showed up at our door.  Although we may have not done as many activities, we were able to actually enjoy what we were doing because it didn’t feel like we were running a marathon of crazy.

In other words, it was just right.







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