Bagel Sauce and Other Miscellany

So the Christmas season is upon us and I know it’s about time for some holiday themed posts.  But there’s some random business to be attended to first.

  • I found a website that generates cursive worksheets and posted about it on Instagram…because I post everything on Instagram.  It’s what I do.  Instagram is where my memories go because my brain can’t seem to store them anymore.


    I really didn’t do anything special to find this website…just used Google.  But I think more people commented on this post than any other IG post I have ever made…and the consensus is that everyone wants the link to this website.  Here it is.  I just Googled AGAIN to re-find it.  Fancy.

  • Arrow is two and talkative and in the stage where his interpretation of the world is almost always funny.  (I know why they are called the Terrible Twos, but really it is a delightful age.)  He calls his pants “pockets,” he helps brush my hair and deems it “fretty” (pretty), he says “I want to be the ‘tar Wars” when he wants to put on the Storm Trooper costume.  But our current favorite is his moniker for butter: “bagel sauce.”
  • Ava’s pie that I mentioned in the last post.  Well, we made it again for another soiree.  And I will tell you.  Before Ava chose that pie, I had no desire to make a chocolate pie because it requires so many steps…and a frozen chocolate pie is only $6 at the grocery store.  But that pie is worthy and I am working on a plan to make that her specialty pie that she has to make for all the holiday events.  So that I can eat it.

    So I thought you might appreciate the recipe.

  • We’re living in a slightly colder climate now and I needed to fortify my wardrobe.  (Also, I needed tunics so that I could wear leggings all the time and never have to button and zip pants.)  But I was having trouble making my way over to Tunic Land, or Old Navy, so I finally decided to give ordering clothes off the website a try.  I figured that if it didn’t fit, I could take it back to the store, but if everything did miraculously fit, it would have saved me a trip.

    And I am here to testify.  Not only was the online shopping very convenient, they have something you won’t find at the stores: THE TALL LENGTH.  I am not a tall person at all, but I have a long torso and am always super sensitive about the length of my tops.  I also have narrow shoulders, so it can be tricky to find a top that is long enough for me to be comfortable but not look big and baggy on me.  I am just delighted to be able to add TALL to my normal size and get some extra length without extra width.  I wanted to make a note here in case anyone else would like to try it.

    I also feel that this is bringing me one step closer to living in a tower with no door and receiving everything I need through mail order.  Which is living the dream.  #hermitlife

    Oh, and did I mention, you can also order your hand soap off the Bath and Body Works website and it will arrive on your doorstep a few days later?


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