When Mama Needs a Do-Over

We all miss the mark sometimes.  It is part of being human.  But it’s when we miss it with our own children that it can really come back to haunt us and make us feel like failures.

I get overwhelmed easily by auditory stimuli.  I’ve always thought it was because I’m an auditory learner, but I recently read this article that explained that being easily overstimulated is a large part of my personality type.

Oh great, it’s just me.

God has a sense of humor because he made me the mother of four children who all make noise.

You know that whole, “God won’t give you more than you can handle?”  It’s simply not true.  God does give us more than we can handle.  It is only then that we truly depend on Him.

But I fail so miserably in this area, even so.  I can’t count the number of times that I have not responded well to my children because I am simply overwhelmed by the noise and my brain can’t function properly anymore.  This whole depending on God to help me process the noise thing is something I need to do, not just every day, but every minute.  And there are minutes that I lose it.

One such minute occurred yesterday.  I had just gotten out of bed and had already had multiple requests from my busy child for…whatever.  I was putting on my shoes and preparing to get Arrow out of bed (he sleeps in my closet,) (it’s a big closet,) when I saw Ava pop into my peripheral vision.  She was holding a muffin on a plate and said brightly, “Breakfast in bed?”

I wish I could say I immediately took off my shoes and climbed back into bed (who doesn’t want an excuse to do that?), but instead I’m embarrassed to say that I was pretty snappy with her, even though she was not the source of my frustration.  (The five year old who had already said “Mommy” about thirty times in the span of five minutes would be the source, in case you are wondering.)  I don’t know what exactly I said, but it amounted to “I CAN’T EVEN.”

And of course by the time I realized my mistake, she was gone and it was too late.  And I wish I could say I then went and found her and apologized and expressed my appreciation for her gesture…but I didn’t.  I got on with the day and neither of us said anything about the occurrence.

Today was Friday, and Josh works from home on Fridays.  It’s the last Friday before Classical Conversations and other activities get kicked back off for the semester, so I allowed myself a relaxed, slow start this morning.  Before I was out of bed, I got a text from Josh that read, “If you haven’t gotten out of bed yet, stay in it another minute.”

A minute later, Ava arrived carrying our china serving platter holding a muffin, blueberries, and an iced coffee.  Oh, and a note.

IMG_1122 copy

Ridiculous, undeserved grace.  From my ten year old.

We don’t always get a do-over as parents.  In fact, I think it would be extremely rare that we do.  I’ll take this one.



2 thoughts on “When Mama Needs a Do-Over

  1. Been through same kind of thing. So thankful for God’s grace! It’s amazing the lessons He wants us to learn through our children. Ava’s a sweetie!

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