Room Reveal #2

You remember months ago when I announced that I would be revealing the rooms of my house one by one as I finished them?  And then I showed the school room?

Considering the fact that the school room is the only room I have showed so far, I’d say it’s going well.

I actually didn’t forget, but have you ever gotten a house livable but not what you consider finished?  That’s where we were at for a long time.  I’ve had about three rooms that have stayed mostly done for quite a while, but were still missing one or two major pieces of my vision for them.

So it occurred to me after my last post that gave you a little peek into Ava’s character, that it would be fun to show you Ava’s room because it really says a lot about her personality.  This was easy to do because Ava’s room is always clean.  I really don’t know where her ridiculous sense of organization comes from…but it’s not from me.  So I didn’t have to wait for her room to be clean to take pictures; I just happened to walk by when the light was nice and decided to take some!  I really feel like this is kind of “phoning it in” because I really don’t have anything to do with the layout of Ava’s room; she picked where everything would go.

IMG_1126 copy

When you go up our stairs, instead of a small “landing” there is a loft area.  Ava’s room is in the corner of the loft, so she truly has a corner bedroom.  It’s the closest thing we’ve ever had to a tower bedroom, and I think that’s kind of romantic.  (You know, like in Anne of the Island?)  This is what it looks like from the top of the steps…if her door is actually open, but it’s usually not!  She doesn’t want to risk anyone messing up the order.


IMG_1130 copy

One of Ava’s hobbies is checking out books from the library about origami.  Currently hanging over her door is an origami Yoda from…the Origami Yoda books.  She also has origami birds hanging from her ceiling, which you can see in the first picture.

IMG_1133 copy

The “finishing touch” for her room was this Hogwarts poster that she had requested and received for Christmas.  She also found the bedding at a discount store.  Up until a few months ago, she just had used my old bedding (this was my bed as a tween and teen,) and she never complained about it.  We have never done Princess bedding or My Little Pony or anything like that.  I love what she picked, and I really feel it makes it officially a tween room!

IMG_1134 copy

I’m telling you, the child is ridiculously organized!  She chose where everything on the walls would go.  At one time, this shelf had been painted pink, which she despises.  Eventually, it fell off the wall at our old house and she took the opportunity to ask if it could be painted another color.  We had a Tardis blue we were using to paint the accents in our bedroom that suited her much better.

Ava’s middle name is Joy, and she loves it, and we always talk about how her name is everywhere at Christmas-time.  I’m glad I snagged that “Joy” at the Target Dollar Spot one December!

IMG_1139 copy

Ava got her first (and only) hit last year in her very first at bat.  It was also one of the few games they won, and they gave her the game ball.  I didn’t even realize she had it on display until I took these pictures.  (And yes, that is a German dictionary.  Another one of her hobbies is studying German.  Baseball, origami, German, Harry Potter.  If that’s not a Renaissance woman, I don’t know what is.)

IMG_1142 copy

Oh, just three Memory Masters medals hanging from her mirror.  Since that represents a lot of work, I’m glad that she has them on display!  I wonder where Israel’s medal is…

IMG_1143 copy

We were blessed with some big bulletin boards that came out of our old church building.  She had one painted pink before…but asforementioned, pink didn’t work for her anymore.  We painted that one white and are using it elsewhere, and this is the one that was in our old living room.  Since this is the first time she’s decorated one all on her own, I thought it was fun to see what she chose to hang.

IMG_1148 copy

So the lamp is kind of the last thing from the pink/ballerina room that needs to be replaced.  (Really, I just need to remember to get her a blue shade.)  This is how her nightstand looks all. the. time.  Mine is always a wreck.  In fact, the book that I’m currently reading has flat out disappeared. 

And that clock?  Probably the best $6 we’ve ever spent on her.  She sets an alarm for 6:30 every morning.  By the time I am fully awake, she has already gotten up, gotten dressed, done her chores, read the Bible, and practiced the piano.  One time, she had measured her room, drawn a diagram of how we could fit twin girls in there if the need were ever to arise, and made a list for me of about eight sets of twin names by 8:00 AM.*

IMG_1152 copy

Just a close up of her with one of her two best friends, Isabel.  She fell for this frame at World Market, and it’s so rare that she expresses interest in a decoration (that is on clearance) that I bought it on the spot.  (Most of what you see was gifted to her or she made it…I think she bought that cat at our old thrift store.)  I was disappointed that this picture wasn’t a good fit for it, but that didn’t discourage her.  Who needs both their eyes, anyway?

Not pictured:  She does have a dresser and a desk that are kept so ridiculously clean that you wouldn’t even believe they are real.

I am really so ridiculously blessed to be this girl’s mama.  I’ll be honest, there were some years I wasn’t sure we’d see the end of (you couldn’t pay me to repeat Kindergarten and first grade,) but I look into her room and I see that for some reason a young lady is living in my home.  Most people don’t get to see the awesome side of her because she tends to keep people at arms length.  Not one of the best qualities she inherited from me.

Oh, and I am working up a list of things I’m going to pay her to organize.

IMG_1154 copy

There’s Harry again.



*Please don’t misinterpret this.  We are not pregnant.  And I never said anything to her about getting pregnant soon.  This was all her.




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