Welcome, All Ye Who Enter Here

Alternatively Titled: Room Reveal #3

When we moved here, I found myself putting a lot more thought into turning this house into a home than ever before. I had a lot of insecurities about the move and I really needed to put my own mark on this place.  (And perhaps the house I have spent on Pinterest since 2011 might have something to do with it.)

Before we had even picked out a house, I knew I wanted my new house to have a room with a Florida theme.  I wanted to pay homage to the decade of our marriage that we spent in Florida…to mix our past with our present…to not forget where we had come from as we continue our journey.  And to have an excuse to display seashells.

As soon as we saw the house, I knew that the living room would be the Florida room.  The blue accent wall kind of made the decision for me.

Another thing that excited me about our house was that it has a spot for an entryway table!  We had lived in four houses/apartments prior to moving here, but none of them had a distinctive entrance area that merited a decorative table.  It has taken me these whole 6 months to complete my entryway table, but I am delighted in how it’s turned out.

Full disclosure, I realized recently that my entryway table is the closest thing I have to a personal pet.  I’m pretty sure that people who hear me talk about my table think, “It’s just a table.”  Similar to how when I hear a person talk about cooking things for their dog, I might think, “It’s just a dog.”

But I don’t have to clean up my table’s poo, so…best pet ever!

So now the table can be officially on the blog and you can ask questions like: How old is it?  Do you know what breed it is?  Is it OK if I pet it?

I will also include my Floridian living room because they are really all in the same room when you walk in the door, and you don’t really want to have to read a blog post about this again later, do you?

IMG_1188 copy

TA DA!  This is what you see when you walk in the door.  Table and baskets are all from Hobby Lobby.  We had been looking at different furniture ideas for this spot when I fell for this table at Hobby Lobby.  It was a few months before we could fit it in the budget, but then one day Josh said,”We can go get your table now!”  I wanted to do the baskets so that we would have a place for outerwear, the diaper bag, baseball gloves, hats, etc.  We don’t have a coat closet and winter in our house has always meant an explosion of jackets everywhere.

IMG_1186 copy

Words.  Since the table would be the first thing people see when they walk in the house, I wanted words that would be both significant to us AND to our visitors.  When we made the decision to move, we had a theme:


So I wanted to incorporate that concept into our words.  I was leaning towards trying to find some art that says “The adventure starts at home” when I fell in love with this string art by James and the Letters.

IMG_1209 copy

So I finally settled on having “home” above my table and “the adventure starts here” on my table.

IMG_1183 copy

(Lettering by Hey Monkey Vic.)

Can I just take a moment to say God bless my husband for listening to me stress for months about what words to put on my table?

Cynthia gave me these great shell hurricane candle holders for Christmas, and the kids picked out the nautical frames for me!

IMG_1208 copy

This was kind of a project on a whim.  The hearts are on all the places we’ve ever lived.  (Except Pennsylvania for me, because that would throw off the groove of the map…and Josh has lived in several places in northeast Georgia, so I just did a heart in the general area.)


IMG_1203 copy

IMG_1200 copy

IMG_1201 copy

(I spy a little PhotoJennick Photography!)

And then the rest of the Florida room!  This room is actually not complete because A) Jackie is working on a special project for me that will go in the blank spot by the hanging shells, and B) Someday we will replace the boys’ old couch with a gray sectional.  We left our old sectional in Tallahassee and we are patiently waiting for the right used sectional to appear on a yard sale site.  I know it’s out there.

IMG_1221 copy

True to the theme of the room, I am limiting myself to displaying photos taken in Florida.  Yes, they are mostly at the Lighthouse.  I can’t help it.

IMG_1231 copy

(By none other than the fabulous Polished Arrow Photography.)

IMG_1232 copy

IMG_1228 copy

IMG_1233 copy

We left our old end tables in Tallahassee.  I had been eyeing these outdoor tables at Tuesday Morning for a while, but then right after they moved the marked them down half off.

IMG_1218 copy

I love this toy storage – it’s one of the first things we bought for the house!  Our final touch (for now) on the living room is the entertainment center.  We didn’t have an entertainment center, thanks to the faithful old floor model TV we used for the first half of our marriage and having built-in shelving for a TV after that.  For a long time after we moved here we had the TV and all the technology that goes with it piled up on a little sewing machine table, which was just as attractive as it sounds.  The entertainment center was Christmas!

IMG_1214 copy

It’s actually rare for Arrow to sit in the living room and play with his toys by himself, but I thought it was fun that he did it while I was taking pictures!  I love this intense dragon flying!

I’m so thankful for my home and the family that makes it so.

And my table.

Yes, you may pet it.





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