Valentines Day 2017

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Some people are crazy cat ladies…I am the Crazy Valentines Lady.  This year, Josh commented that I turn Valentines Day into a mini-Christmas.

I wanted to argue with him, but y’all, I do.

I like to think that, someday, my kids will be hand crafting Valentines with their own children and say, “We used to spend a whole week making Valentines with Mom and it was THE BEST TIME.”

(If they end up saying, “We used to spend a whole week making Valentines with Mom BECAUSE SHE WAS CRAZY,” just don’t tell me.)

So we had a major advantage this year because we are in a new place…so we didn’t have to worry about accidentally repeating Valentines we have done in the past; no one would know or care!  ALSO, I didn’t blog Valentines Day last year since we were in the middle of moving stress, so YOU won’t know, either!  The kids chose what they wanted to do off my Valentines Pinterest board.  We started with making Valentines for our Classical Conversations classes.

IMG_1530 copy

I just love a good pun.  You can add that to the list of reasons I love doing Valentines Day with kids.


IMG_1533 copy

Ava made these for her class.  I’m 99.5% sure no one in the class would get a Dr. Who joke.  But she was OK with being mysterious.

IMG_1542 copy

Aaaaaaand I made these for my class because I’m super mature.  Seriously, how funny is this?  (I did check with my moms to make sure they would be OK with this.  I didn’t want to be the one to send a child that struggles with bathroom humor over the edge.)


IMG_1551 copy

We have a sweet elderly neighbor who invites Ava to come over and bake periodically.  It really has been such a blessing for all of us; it gives her some girl time (she only had a grandson,) it gives Ava an opportunity to get creative in the kitchen that I can’t always give her, and she comes home with treats that we can use so that I don’t have to bake as much!  So when she went to Ms. Sandy’s the day before Valentines Day, I was hopeful that she would be bringing things home we could use for our Valentines breakfast the next day.  And she did!  The chocolate covered strawberries were my Valentines present.


IMG_1555 copy

And who doesn’t want a heart shaped rice krispy treat?


IMG_1562 copy

I decided to not do our normal schooling on Valentines Day this year so that we could take a ministry field trip.  (I am still getting used to the fact that I homeschool and I can change things up if I want to!)  We invited Lisa and her kids to join us for breakfast, and then we headed out to take Valentines treats to our church’s shut-ins.

IMG_1559 copy

Don’t be too impressed…I definitely made some mistakes in planning this, like trying to squeeze everything in before a dentist appointment, forgetting that at noon it is not uncommon in retirement facilities to,  you know, EAT LUNCH, and failing to check ahead of time to make sure that each person was, ahem, still alive.

Yep, not my finest moment.

Fortunately, Lisa and her kiddos were not deterred by my less than stellar organizational skills, and hopefully our efforts were an encouragement to someone.

Or at least provided them some needed comic relief.

IMG_1571 copy


That evening it was time for the family’s annual Valentines trip to Five Guys, and I finally stooped so low as to bring my real camera into the restaurant and treat it like I would a wedding reception.


IMG_1582 copy

But aren’t you glad I did?  The world needs to see my beautiful Little Bacon Cheeseburger!


IMG_1591 copy

Since Ava had baseball practice later that night, we opened Valentines there and it was so fun to see all the kids’ secret projects they had worked on come to fruition.


IMG_1593 copy


IMG_1598 copy


IMG_1600 copy


IMG_1602 copy

We just had such a nice day as a family.  I love them every day, but it’s nice to have a day once a year to focus on it.


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