Some Free Verse Poetry Upon a Saturday Evening

They are called the “Terrible Twos” and it is a challenging year even with the sweetest of babes.  But the whole reason it’s challenging is because there’s a complex process occurring within this tiny human being.  I have had the privilege of having four two year olds now, and somehow each one of them has been the sweetest, funniest small person to walk the planet.

IMG_1119 copy

You are two.

You are learning so much every day.  Shapes, colors, vehicles; daily they take on a whole new meaning.

But you are learning more than that.  You are learning that “Please” and “Thank you” make things go more smoothly. 

You are two, and when you are happy, you share it with the world.  You have your own dance when you hear good music, and you laugh when we tickle your belly.

But when you are sad, you still let us cuddle and rock you.

You are two, and you are so much bigger than you were when you were one.  I carry you and your feet are dangling almost to my knees. 

But when you have a nightmare, and you need to snuggle in my bed, you still can somehow fit your whole body on my shoulder.

You are two, and you can climb to the tippy top of the highest slide and slide aaaaaall the way down, all by yourself!

But you would still prefer for me to carry you down the stairs of our house.

You are two, and some people say that that means you’re “terrible!”

But the reason you have these terrible moments is because you are learning that there are things in your life that you can’t control, and that is not pleasant.

I am not two, and I am still daily learning that there are things in my life that I can’t control, and that still is not pleasant.

But it’s no longer acceptable for me to lay down on the floor and cry about it. 



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