A Little February Vitamin Sea


You never know what you’re going to get from the weather when you schedule beach shoots in February.  (Or January.  Or March.  Or April.  You get the idea.)  Scheduling a day of shoots at the Lighthouse on the last Saturday in February that required me to make a six hour trip was really taking a gamble.

But Saturday.  Saturday the air was warm and the sun was out (but would hide behind a cloud at just the right times.)  The water wasn’t even that cold.  I got to listen to the wind and the waves all day and watch the rim of the sun drop behind the firmament.

IMG_4464 copy


IMG_3861 copy

IMG_4475 copy



IMG_2649 copy


IMG_4976 copy


IMG_5042 copy


IMG_5144 copy

And, you know?  I really didn’t know that I needed this therapy until I received it.


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