Sorry, Mom, but I do love you.

Lest you be impressed with how “good” I am at Valentines Day, I will willingly eat some humble pie and reveal how BAD I am at Mother’s Day.  I wrote a post about it in 2012, and…yep, still bad at it.

My Mom almost always comes to me on Mother’s Day because she knows that it’s the only way she’ll get to see me.

Last year, I handed her her gift, not only unwrapped, but also still sealed up in its Amazon delivery box.

This month has been a particularly busy one, so on Tuesday I went on Amazon to send my mom a package via Prime shipping.  I thought I was ahead of the game, as it is 2 day shipping and I had 4 days to work with.

WELL, once I put in her address, 2 day shipping was no longer an option.  The earliest her package could get there would be Monday, the day after Mother’s Day.  I couldn’t figure out if it was because she has a P.O. Box or because I was trying to get a package to a smaller town during a busy delivery week, but I went ahead and placed the order, as I didn’t see any way to get anything to her any faster.

Not long afterwards, my parents announced that they were going to drive up to visit with us this weekend, and they did.

The irony that I could have Prime shipped her package to my house, it would have gotten here in 2 days, and I would have been able to present it to her in person was not lost on me.  Instead, I had to convey that she would be receiving a package tomorrow.  The day after Mother’s Day.  Even though we actually saw each other on Mother’s Day.

This event tells me that I am just naturally bad at Mother’s Day.  So sorry, Mom.  But I love you.

I would include a picture that we took together this weekend on this post…but I didn’t take one.

I know that’s a surprise.



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