I stand before you a survivor.

I stand before you a survivor…of Spring Baseball 2017.

Listen, y’all.  We had 3 kids playing baseball this season.

Thanks to their ages, they were all on different teams.

No, there was no blogging.  There was also no house cleaning, no grocery shopping, and no cooking.  I’d say there was no schooling, but that would have been illegal.  So there was schooling.

And, really?  Baseball has been THE MOST FUN.  You know what’s really fun on a nice spring evening?  To sit and watch a baseball game.

But, people.  3 in baseball is a logistical nightmare.  There were times where we were supposed to be in THREE PLACES AT ONCE.  I’m not great at math, but that is one more place than is actually possible for a two adult family.

But we did it, we’re here on the other side of the baseball season!  I think we all made it!

So some goals for the near future?  To re-acquaint myself with Kroger.  To re-introduce my family to the vegetable and home cooked meal.  And to return to the blog so that I won’t forget our adventures.


That deserves a fist bump from #5!




3 thoughts on “I stand before you a survivor.

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