Summer 2017 Recap


Well, the binders are prepared, the welcome letters are written, and the lesson plans are made.  Linker Academy will officially kick off the 2017 – 2018 school year tomorrow.

BUT before that happens, I need to document our summer!  It’s no secret that summer is my favorite.  I have enjoyed summer adventures with the kids long before we were having homeschool adventures.  One year, I tried to document each summer activity with a blog post…and ended up blogging about summer until October!  So I’m not going to do that to you, but I did want to briefly describe our main adventures in a bullet point list, if for no other reason than to be able to remember what we did this summer myself!  Aaaaand here we go!

  • Josh’s Big Birthday Weekend!  We kicked off our summer break with Josh’s birthday.  It happened to fall on Memorial Day weekend, and I decided to get him a Ping-Pong table.  (OK, so I actually had originally planned to get it for his last birthday.)  Long story short, it doesn’t make sense to have a Ping-Pong table unless you have people to play with, and we ended up with a house full!  The Harrells, the Popes, and the Sammons were all able to come up and help us celebrate!  It was such a great weekend catching up with old friends!

    The Harrells were there for our last day of school, and we celebrated with our first trip of the summer to the lake!

  • Remi’s Baby Shower!  Kristy was due with her third baby in the middle of the summer, so I worked with a few of her friends to throw her a baby shower!  It was so fun to put together something super girly after so many boys!

    I only forgot one thing: my real camera.  So cell phone pictures will have to do.





  • Camp Pinnacle.  Ava was back at Camp Pinnacle this year!  I did not have to take her this time, but when the boys and I picked her up, we made an adventure out of it!



    Annual trip to Goats on the Roof on the way home!


    We stopped at Amicalola Falls on the way home!



  • Visits from Tallahassee friends!  The Wallers and the Ludes road-tripped up together just to spend a few days with us!  We really had such a good time!  We took them to the lake and, for their big Atlanta experience, to a Braves game!  It is always a treat to spend time with these sweet friends!!!



  • Camp!  This year, camp was in June so we tackled that road trip a little earlier than usual.  This was Israel’s first year being an official overnight camper!  My mom helped me out big time by keeping Arrow (and sometimes Egan) overnight at her house, so I really got to enjoy and participate this year more than I have in a while!  The theme this year was “Rooted,” and it was basically a systematic theology course teaching campers the basic beliefs of our faith.  I have to admit that I really geek out over systematic theology, so this was a really fun curriculum to put together!


    Our beautiful logo this year was hand-lettered by a friend who also grew up in our association!


    Group picture, post-shaving cream war!


    This kiddo got to participate in the shaving cream war for the first time!


    Obligatory last day of camp picture!



  • New York!  So I’ve already told you about that!
  • The Fourth.  We didn’t do anything big for Independence Day, as I had basically been out of town for two weeks right before.  My parents came up and Josh grilled and that was that!


  • More Tallahassee Friends!  We had a quick overnight visit with the Hilts when they were on their way back from vacation.  As hard as it was to move here, it’s so nice that we don’t go too long between seeing our favorite Floridian faces!
  • Arrow Turned 3!  It’s hard to believe that it’s been 3 years since Arrow came into our lives!  We celebrated by going to see Cars 3, and eating a cake Ava modeled after Arrow’s favorite food: the yogurt smoothie.  Grandpa Dan and The Girls happened to visit with us the day after his birthday, so it was a great time for a big cake!
    IMG_3183 copy


  • Remi Was Born!!!  Don’t get me wrong, I love my nephews to pieces…but I have been waiting for a niece for a while!  Remi’s birthday is just a day after her brother, Maverick’s, and she actually shares Arrow’s birthday!  She is just the sweetest, most squishy thing and I am looking forward to lots of girl time with her!
    IMG_3335 copy


  • Vacation Bible School.  This was our first VBS at our church up here!  Josh and I taught the Bible Study Station, and it was such a good experience.  It has been a year since I taught children in a church context, and it has truly been such a wonderful break for my soul.  But by the time VBS got here, I was ready to tackle some teaching again, and I’m so thankful to have had the opportunity!


  • Dress Like a Cow and The Pool!  VBS was in the evenings, so of course we had to do some fun things during the day.  We ended up participating in the Dress Like a Cow day at Chick-Fil-A at the last minute, and one day we met some sweet CC friends at the public pool.  It had been such a busy summer, this was our first time getting in a pool…in mid-July!




I was NOT expecting Arrow to be able to touch the bottom in the 2.5 feet – what a big boy!

  • Lego Builder Camp.  This was Israel’s second year participating in a Lego Builder Bunch Day Camp.  He earned his patch for Tank Basics and had such a great week creating!


    • CentriKid.  Ava and I had the opportunity to participate in CentriKid Camp in Norman Park, GA – a place that this minister’s kid made fond summer memories growing up!  We consider ourselves to be camp people, but this was our first time at this type of camp.  It was “just” the weekend camp and, to be honest, we were not expecting much from it since it was so short.  But, let me tell you, the folks at CentriKid know how to PACK IT IN!  Even though we were there less than 48 hours, we felt like we had experienced the real deal!  And now I have a new fitness goal of being able to be a CentriKid staffer.  Their energy levels are unreal!


    • Visit with the Millers!!!  The icing on our summertime cupcake was a visit from the Millers!  We originally thought that we would not get to see them at all this year, and the grief from that thought was really more than we could bear.  Fortunately, it worked out for them to make a big trip to see family down south, and we got to steal them for a few days of their travels!  We took them to the lake (surprise!) and ate ice cream out of waffle bowls and just tried to make the most of every minute!


      IMG_3672 copy

      IMG_3814 copy


    • Potty Training Arrow.  I have never waited so long to potty train, but remember baseball season?  After our major travelling, it was time to finally suck it up and do it.  I realized that I really needed him to be mostly trained before school starts.  The good thing about him being older is it is going relatively smoothly…and he sure does look cute in undies!


    • NOT Back to School Party.  The public schools here started on August 1st.I know.

      Our friend, Rachael, and her kiddos have a tradition of doing a Not Back to School activity on the first day of public school.  As there was NO WAY I was going to be able to start school that early, we were more than happy to participate!  We capped our summer off with another trip to the lake, this time with a hike before our swim!



      They loved the hike!

So there you have it, a brief tour of our summer!  Tomorrow it’s back to educating the kiddos…but it’s still in the 90s, so I may not be ready to give up an occasional Icee just yet!


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